Alexandria Resident Seeks Donations And Volunteers To Help The Homeless

Dr William Mazzella is an Alexandria resident that works at hospitals in rural areas across the U.S. during the day. At nights, he travels throughout the street of Alexandria and seek out the homeless who may be in need of medical care. He also gives consultations and care to people staying at the Alexandria Community Shelter.

Dr Mazzella is the founder of the non profit organization Medstreet which provides care to the homeless on the streets of Alexandria. The non profit organization is seeking donations and volunteers to help carry on its mission to humanize the homeless as he seeks to help more people. Medstreet was started by the physician after he and his wife decided to go on the streets and assist people in need. Other physicians within the city is often recruited to provide free care.

Residents of Alexandria are encouraged to play their part in helping the homeless by volunteering or donating to Medstreet.

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