New Courthouse Townhomes To Replace Farmhouse From The ’20s

Plans to demolish the single-family home in the Colonial Village and build seven new townhouses are moving forward.

Rendering of new townhouses in Colonial Village(image via Arlington County)

The townhomes will be four-stories each and would fill the 15,920-square-foot parcel of land at 1731 N. Veitch Street.  The new townhomes are considered part of the Colonial Village neighborhood but aren’t part of the Colonial Village development.

The plans say the homes will face north and south with a 26-foot setback from the street. Each building will have a rooftop deck, a balcony on the second floor, and a two-car garage connected to the existing Colonial Village parking lot.

These plans were reviewed by the Transportation Commission on Thursday, where some concerns were raised about the historic nature of the building being replaced.

“This is a historic property,” Commissioner Audrey Clement said. “The [Historic Affairs and Landmark Review Board] was not tasked to hear this item and I want to know why.”

The staff reported that the development did go to the HALRB in June, but only as an informational item to receive feedback that led to some redesign. While the property is surrounded by Colonial Village, which is designated as a historic district, the property itself is not marked as historic and therefore feedback from the HALRB focused on keeping the design compatible with the surrounding historic properties.

The townhomes were approved in an 8-1 vote by the Commission, with Clement voting against the project. The project is set to go to the Planning Commission today(Feb.10) before being considered by the County Board.

Properties in Court House

1321 N Adams Ct #206


1210 N Taft St #912


2015 Key Blvd #12608


1510 12th St N #601


2100 Lee Hwy #206


2100 Lee Hwy #309


1905 N Rhodes St #39


1728 N Rhodes St #5-275


1809 N Queens Ln #2-151


2100 Lee Hwy #249


724 N Barton St


1610 N Queen St #222


1210 N Taft St #708


2000 Clarendon Blvd #1302


2001 15th St N #822



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