Old Power Plant In Old Town North To Be Redeveloped

The Old Potomac River Generating Station which closed its doors almost eight years ago in Old Town North will be redeveloped in the upcoming year. The plant, which is located at 1300 N Royal St is currently owned by the GenOn however the Potomac Electric Power Company who owns the site is seeking to divide the property into three separate lots with some lots to be kept by the company and others to be sold to developers.

The proposed plans for the property will see Lot 1 which houses the power plant and an administrative building being redevelopment while Lot 2 which comprises of a parking lot and Lot 3 which contains an electrical substation be kept by the Potomac Electric Power Company. The site will further be converted into an urban street grid which will enhance views of the Potomac River. The public spaces that will be made available as an arts district. The proposed plan is scheduled to go before the Alexandria Planning Commission on March 3 2020.

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