New Trail Cycling Studio Offers Free Classes In Reston

Located at Lake Anne in Reston, New Trail Cycling Studio is launching its teen program on January 22. Classes will be offered every Wednesday at 4 p.m. for teens ages 12-17. The owner of the studio,  Liz Kamp, said, “the teen program has always been part of our plan. I started riding in my teens, and it was an important part of my teen years. It wasn’t just about the workout, but it was about being able to let go of the pressures outside the studio and just focus on me for 50 minutes.”

Classes will be offered every Wednesday at 4 p.m. for teens ages 12-17

According to Reston Connection, “Classes will be 50 minutes long but will include an extended 10-minute stretch and core workout at the end. Coaches are trained in working with teens and will provide an appropriate workout and playlist for the group. Teens must be ages 12-17 and at least 4’11” to fit the bikes. Classes will be taught to all fitness levels and each teen will be set up before class starts to ensure a proper bike fit.”

Kamp further said, “Teens in our area face such an incredible amount of pressure and stress; it’s important to give them an avenue to destress without added pressure. When the lights are low in the studio and the music is on, you’re not worried about how you look or if you’re doing the right thing. It’s a judgment-free zone, and I think that’s so important for teens to have. That’s not to diminish the incredible workout. Indoor cycling is also a way for teen athletes to keep up their fitness. There are few workouts out there that give you the cardio challenge that indoor cycling does while also being easy on the joints.”

As per Reston Connection, “To join the free class on 1/22, teens should create their own account (or have their parents create their account if they’re under 13) on From there, they can add a “Free Teen Credit” from the pricing page to their account. At New Trail, you select your bike for each class, so teens then need to select the Jan. 22 class and choose a bike.”

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