5 Reasons Why Your Listing Is Turning Buyers Off

If you are selling a house in Arlington, the best way to get buyers through the door and interested in your home is through a stellar online listing. But, photos of the home and a description of the property are just standard fare, and not all listing will sell. Some might even do more harm than good.


So, why would your listing turn buyers off? Below are five reasons.

  1. Lackluster (or non-existent) description–it may be difficult to sum up your home in a few paragraphs. But, if you want to attract potential buyers, you’ll need to paint an inviting picture of the property. Your real estate agent can help you pinpoint what buyers are looking for in your area, so you mention it as early on in the listing description as possible. Also, remember that the online listing might initially just show a couple of lines of text, so make sure the most eye-catching information appears first.
  2. Too much (or the wrong type of )information– colorful pictures or descriptions are sure to entice a potential buyer, but you also have to be objective. Remember that your favorite aspects of the home might not have the same effect on buyers.
  3. Amateur photos– while your smartphone may take some really good pictures, it does not mean that they are good enough to be used in your online listing. You only get one chance to impress potential buyers so make sure to feature high-quality photographs shot by someone with experience taking photos for online listings. Ask your agent to refer you to some great photographer they’ ve worked with before.
  4. Not staging your home– most buyers like to think of a new house as a blank canvas for their furniture and design tastes, however, leaving the rooms empty devoid of furniture and art in the listing photos can hurt you in the long run. Buyers like to see the potential of the home so staging it is highly recommended.
  5. Too many days on the market- the listing price and days on the market (DOM)are some of the most important information that buyers look keenly. These help them determine whether the house is priced too low or too high –and how much they should offer if they’re interested. Although there isn’t a hard and fast number of days for a listing to be considered stale, most real estate agents agree that it takes about 30 days on the market for a listing to lose its luster. The most effective way to revive a stale listing is to adjust the price of the property. Pricing the house correctly the first time is ultimately the best tactic to prevent a stale listing.

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