Fairfax County Parks Welcome New Year With First Hike Events

Five parks in Fairfax County, Virginia featured First Hike events to welcome the new year. Huntley Meadows, a park popular with families, birders and wildlife photographers, also featured these events.  “It’s a beautiful day, the first day of the year,” Fairfax County Supervisor Dan Storck, who led the hike at Huntley Meadows, said noting the mild temperatures and bright sunshine as he led a group along the boardwalk.

A goldfinch rests in a twig at Huntley Meadows on New Year’s day

According to wtop.com, “Families joined the hike, with some groups breaking off to take a closer look at what they found. Children squealed with delight when they spotted ducks, and scanned the water in the hopes that a turtle might bob to the surface on the warmer-than-usual New Year’s Day.”

Michael Cleveland, of Alexandria, Virginia said “There’s nothing in life more precious than the beautiful things that are around you that are free! All you have to do is get out and look around — and embrace it.”

As per wtop.com, “First Day Hikes were held at five Fairfax County parks, including Burke Lake Park and Riverbend Park. The parks department is holding a photo contest as part of the activity. Participants can enter the photos they took on Jan. 1, but entries are due by Jan. 2.”

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