Witches On Water Event Held On All Hallow’s Eve In Reston

“Witches on the Water” proved a most playful event which was held on All Hallow’s Eve in Reston. Reston is known for its Live, Work, Play lifestyle and despite severe thunderstorms in the forecast and sudden bursts of high-speed wind gusting over Lake Anne in Reston, a flash mob coven of witches exchanged their broomsticks for stand up paddleboards (SUPs) on All Hallow’s Eve.

A playful coven of Halloween witches on stand up paddleboards (SUPs) skim the waters of Lake Anne in Reston to kick off an evening of play and spooky brews

According to Reston Connection, “Shortly after 3 p.m., approximately 30 witches and a few warlocks dressed in full costume for the occasion. They assembled at the Lakeside Cluster Dock and the boat ramp to Lake Anne on Inlet Court. Forming a fleet of two flotillas, the fifteen or so single SUPs and a monster board with a deck that rode 12 joined on the waters of Lake Anne. Even before admiring fans could see the fleet tracking, cackles and screams traveled with the wind to the Lake Anne Plaza dock. Owner of “All Around Acoustics,” Trevor H lent the power of his stirring drum circle as entertainment. “One of my scariest opportunities ever,” he said with a laugh.”

Jenlene Nowak of Herndon said after docking, “I was up for some Halloween fun. Anything to dress up.”

Witch Ericka La Madrid said, “I flew all the way from Peru. We never do anything like this in Peru.”

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