Learn More About Home Inspections In Alexandria

When deciding to buy or sell a home in Alexandria it is strongly advisable to have a professional home inspection done. Doing a home inspection can save buyers and sellers the hassle and the headache of costly repairs in the long run.

Experts in Alexandria recommend that a home inspection be done to cover the following areas:

  • Foundation – cracks or damage to walls and floors can cause a great deal of panic for homeowners. Using a professional home inspector can ensure your foundation is level and sound which can provide ease and assurance to a homeowner.
  • Roof – it is very vital to ensure that the roof of the home is not in need of any repairs or replacement.
  • Windows – the windows in a home can be broken, cracked or misaligned. A home inspector can ensure the windows are structurally sound before you sell or buy in Alexandria.
  • Plumbing – it is very important to check the inside and outside of your home for any plumbing issues. This is to ensure that there are no small leaks which can lead to major repairs.
  • HVAC System – a heating and air conditioning system should be checked to ensure it is functioning at its capacity.
  • Electrical System – this is an all important aspect of your home. The Electrical Safety Foundation recommends that an electrical system inspection be done before purchasing a home.

A home inspection can cost as little as $200 for condos and smaller homes and up to $400 or more for larger homes. No matter the cost of a home inspection it is highly recommended that all prospective homeowners or homeowners interested in selling their homes have one done to reduce the cost of repairs later on.


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