Discover Rosslyn’s Award-Winning Public Arts On An Intriguing Walking Tour

The state of Virginia is known as one of American’s most vibrant and walkable urban centers. But, what many don’t know is Arlington has an internationally renowned permanent collection of over 60 art public projects as well as periodic temporary projects.

Arlington’s Rosslyn neighborhood provides a rich opportunity for exploring 12 of these fascinating art works within a small area. So, check out Arlington Arts’ self-guided walking tour and map and let’s start walking.

Y DAVID CHUNG Scenes of Rosslyn at Rosslyn Metro Station

  • NED KAHN, Liquid Pixels (1801 N. Lynn St.)

The Liquid Pixels consists of six monumental verticle panels covered with 630,000 one-inch diameter disks affixed to low-friction pins. The disks move freely in response to the wind and light creates a glittering effect that mimics water cascading down the surface.

  • Y. DAVID CHUNG, Scenes of Rosslyn (Rosslyn Metro Station, Fort Myer Dr.)

An 88-foot long mural that appers from Moore Street like an abstract pattern of colors and forms.

  • Y. DAVID CHUNG & TOM ASHCRAFT, Continuum (1800 N. Oak St.)

Commissioned to enliven this stretch of Key Boulevard, the 17 mosaic panels of Continuum depict motion through a sequence of abstracted botanical forms.

  • Y. DAVID CHUNG & TOM ASHCRAFT, Reposto (1800 N. Oak St.)

Situated at the main entrance of this building on Oak Street, Reposto consists of two mosaic benches and one mosaic sculpture, whose forms echo the organic shapes found in Continuum.

Anna and David public art in Rosslyn
  • MIRIAM SCHAPIRO, Anna and David (1525 Wilson Blvd.)

Anna and David, a three-story, brightly painted sculpture, that conveys movement through animated poses and brightly painted aluminum and stainless steel.

  • KENDALL BUSTER, Untitled (1601 Wilson Blvd.)

A suspended sculpture consisting of an intricate metal framework over which greenhouse shade cloth has been stretched.

  • FOON SHAM, Aya (1601 Wilson Blvd.)

Aya is a 15-foot tall sculpture that twists upward to resemble a faceted tower and made by stacking and interlocking segments of cherry, walnut, and maple.

  • WENDY ROSS, Radiolaria (1601 Wilson Blvd.)

Radiolaria is a symmetrical structure that endures beyond the organism’s demise as an intricate and delicate skeleton with a central capsule-like form.

  • JOHN DREYFUSS, Helix (1800 Wilson Blvd.)

Helix is a massive bronze pelvis.

  • CHRIS GARDNER, Cupid’s Garden (Wilson Blvd. & Clarendon Blvd. between Oak St. & Nash St.)

Cupid’s Garden consists of 23 polished steel arrows that become shiny directional counterparts for the traffic whizzing by.

  • BOAZ VAADIA, The Family: David, Haggit, and Adoniyya (1300 17th St.)

The Family: King David, his wife Haggit, and their child Adoniyya, the sculpture is representative of any family unit.
These figures were made by stacking hand-carved layers of bluestone.

  • NANCY HOLT, Dark Star Park (1655 Fort Myer Dr.)

Dark Star Park comprises of large spheres that are designed to represent fallen, extinguished stars.

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