Enjoy Some Fun Adventures At 5 Wits In Ballston

5 Wits is a 15,000 square foot facility within Ballston Quarter that offers an interactive and deep-immersive, theme park-style adventure experience.

Last Sunday afternoon, my three friends and I were hanging out in Ballston and decided to check out the place. We paid for 3 adventures in advance thinking that we will come back some other day to do the rest. However, we had so much fun that we ended up doing al the three adventures in one day! Each adventure was different and took around  30 minutes to complete.

The facility features three different adventures; Tomb, Espionage, and Drago’s Castle, and you are able to travel through a series of real, physical environments while taking part in a live-action story through challenges, games, puzzles, and elaborate special effects. Each adventure has it’s own story line with multiple endings and hidden secrets. Your performance determines the outcome of the story.

There were lights, sound, and some high-tech special effects that made the whole experience even more exciting. There were a lot of mental and physical challenges involved so I suggest that you wear some flat closed-toe shoes.

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