Annual Workhouse Arts Center Haunted Trail Opens October 4

October is the month of chills and thrills of Halloween season. These chills and thrills include the annual Workhouse Arts Center Haunted Trail in Lorton. The theme of this year’s fully redesigned Haunted Trail is “Breakout”. It should be noted that the workhouse was once a prison and this theme perfectly fits the scare and delight scenario of Halloween.

Workhouse Haunted Trail: “Scare Actor”

According to, “The Workhouse Arts Center Haunted Trail is made possible with community involvement that “makes this event one-of-a-kind, as hundreds of dedicated scare actors, make-up artists, and volunteers from across the region come together to provide thrill-seekers a frightening story-based experience about prisoners, guards, insane clowns, and jail cells,” said Ava Spece, President and CEO. While you await entry to the Haunted Trail, settle your fear by joining in the Historic Ballfield for classic Halloween movies and the ghostly bar for drinks and snacks. Watch for your number on the screen; no waiting in line.”

Spece further said, “Our Haunted Trail event is a remarkable tie to our mission. We are impressed every year by a veritable army of young people who join us to work at the event. They develop a tight-knit community of their own as they dive into the season. Their experiences include key roles in “this large-scale production with positive opportunities to bond over costumes, acting techniques, and the artistry of creating ghastly make-up.”

As per, “While guests await entry to the “Haunted Trail,” classic Halloween movies will be screened on the Workhouse mall area with snacks and beverages available. Workhouse Arts Center presents the “Haunted Trail” at 9518 Workhouse Road, Lorton. The trail opens Oct. 4 and remains on weekend nights through Halloween Night.”

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