Fairfax County Leaders Approve Body-Worn Camera Program For The Police Department

Fairfax County leaders have given approval to a body-worn camera program for the Fairfax County Police Department. Fairfax County Supervisor Jeff McKay, of the Lee District, said before the vote, “Not only does our community support this but so does our Police Department. Officers welcome transparency. They know that their training instinctively gets them to do the right thing, and they’re happy to display that when circumstances come about that are less than ideal.”

Fairfax County police announced a test run for a body camera program last year. Seen here is an example of what the cameras would look like on police vests

According to wtop.com, “The program will be launched on or about May 1 in the three district stations that hosted last year’s six-month test run: Mason, Mount Vernon, and Reston. The plan is to then expand the program countywide, with 1,210 cameras issued to all district stations within three years. About $4.3 million in funding this fiscal year will come from money already in the Reserve for Ad-Hoc Police Practices Review Commission Recommendations. An estimated $5.5 million needed to support the program next fiscal year will be included in that year’s advertised budget plan, as would an expected $1.1 million required for fiscal 2022.”

However,  Supervisor Pat Herrity, of Springfield, had some reservations about the funding priorities.

Herrity said, “Those priorities include finally addressing police pay so it’s competitive with other jurisdictions. We can always do better, and any tool increases transparency, including body cameras.”

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