1 Bedroom Properties At Bucknell Manor Advertised For Sale For 1 Days

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How much would you pay for a duplex in Bucknell Manor? 2240 Rollins Dr is advertised for sale at $389,000.

Alexandria Place Investing in Recommendations

In this community, places are typically 68 years old. This real estate is asking $389,000. Did you know?

Don't underestimate the value of having us in your corner. Some companies use a “production-line approach” passing property seekers off to less experienced agents who perform a part of the process but don't really know about your needs as a shopper. Andrew Patton will provide you advice and will work with you from your first search until closing to make sure you best home you can acquire for the money.

If you’re in a property seller’s market, making a lowball offer can end negotiations with the real estate seller. Additionally, shoppers are smart to offer full price when duplexs are priced right. An agent like Andrew Patton can help you get the home market in Fairfax County today. Will Nesbitt's expert insight into pricing in 22307 can be the difference between paying too much and not getting the home at all.

Will Nesbitt generally knows which home a purchaser is going to choose, and where to find it. This partly intuition, but largely from experience. Nesbitt Realty specifically counsels our real estate pros to never steer property seekers. We always insist that home shoppers choose the home without interference from the Realtor. However, we can use our experience to put choices in front of you that anticipate your needs and wants.

Alexandria is in Fairfax County. Find a consultive guru like Will Nesbitt who lives and works in 22307 in Alexandria.

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I’m a local expert on Northern Virginia real estate. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve your real estate needs.

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Andrew Patton was born and raised in Northern Virginia. After attending college at East Carolina he moved to Alexandria. He is licensed in the state of Virginia and specializes in homes in Northern Virginia. Andrew has been practicing Real Estate for over 4 years and has a lifetime of experience in the area,