Metro Reopens In Alexandria After Summer Shutdown

Commuters and local businesses located close to the Metro are now rejoicing the reopening of six (6) Metro Stations after a summer long shutdown due to construction.

The Metro reopened on Monday amid more construction work being done at four (4) Metro Stations – Huntington, King Street, Franconia-Springfield and Braddock Road. Work on these stations would be fully completed in a few weeks. Metro shuttle buses will no longer operate however some shuttles will remain on standby in the event of any disruption. Business owners around the Metro Stations are also excited with the reopening of the stations and are now offering commuters deals and special offers as they seek to rebuild the finances of their business.

Prior to the reopening of the Metro WMATA General Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld thanked the residents, customers and nearby businesses for their understanding for the shutdown.



End of Metro shutdown is ‘sigh of relief’ for Alexandria businesses


Properties in Metro Braddock Road


Properties in Metro Eisenhower


Properties in Metro Franconia Springfield


Properties in Metro Huntington


Properties in Metro King St


Properties in Metro Van Dorn


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