How Can You Purchase The Property You Want In A Competitive Housing Market In Alexandria?

Finding a new home or purchasing another home in Alexandria can be interesting and fun. But how can you purchase a home in a market that is highly competitive or inventory shy? While buying a home in Alexandria’s housing market can be stressful, these strategies can assist you in accomplishing your goal and owning the house of your dreams.

  1. Get full loan approval – Chose to use a lender in Alexandria you can trust and have heard of. Using a reputable lender will get your loan approved on time which will make it easier to acquire the property you desire.
  2. Seek an off market property – Chose to purchase a home that is currently off the market. Your realtor at Nesbitt Realty can use their personal networks and the multiple listing service to find homes that will be open on the market. Your Nesbitt Realty agent will make contact with those homeowners who wish to sell before advertising on the open market.
  3. Buy a property that has been sitting on the market – These homes may not attracted many buyers due to their poor condition or unrealistic prices. These homes come with less competition and there may be a risk if purchasing a home in a poor condition. Thoroughly access the property and open negotiations with the seller.
  4. Put a large deposit on your contract – Putting a large money deposit on your contract will show your seriousness towards purchasing the home which may speed up the process.
  5. Consider a free two week rent back – The seller may not have had enough time to move out so it would be good to offer the seller a two week rent back after purchasing the home.
  6. Consider a pre-offer home inspection – This pre-offer inspection will remove the home inspection contingency in your offer. However you will have spent money should you not be offered the property.
  7. Opt for a non financing contingency – If your finances are strong you can opt to remove the financing contingency from your contract.
  8. Opt for a non appraisal contingency – You can opt to remove the appraisal contingency or you can amend the language to ensure your appraisal contingency will only come in effect if the property appraises a certain amount below the sale price.
  9. Use a skilled buyer agent – Nesbitt Realty’s agents are professional and very knowledge on real estate in Alexandria. Use an agent from Nesbitt Realty negotiate on your behalf. These agents will assist you in accomplishing your dream.

Using these great strategies can assist you in purchasing real estate in Alexandria.


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