What George Washington Grist Mill Park Has To Offer?

George Washington Grist Mill Park is just around the corner from the Mount Vernon estate and is a historic site. George Washington Grist Mill Park is located at 5512 Mount Vernon Memorial Highway. The park is located near George Washington’s Grist Mill. George Washington’s Gristmill was part of the original Mount Vernon plantation, constructed during the lifetime of the United States’ first president.

Grist Mill

George Washington Grist Mill Park offers athletic fields for soccer, softball, baseball and football, two full-size basketball courts and a large playground with climbing equipment. The perimeter of the park has hiking and biking trails that bypass a dog park. Once the site of a former farm lane, it also contained an overseer’s house and slave dwellings.

There’s lots of space to run and play with ample parking in George Washington Grist Mill Park. There are several picnic tables in the park to grab.

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