Preparing To Shop For A Residence In 22201 In Arlington County

Photo of 2607 Arlington Blvd #49

Do you want to learn where to begin for home hunting in the tough Arlington County real estate market?

Photo of 2607 Arlington Blvd #49

It’s important to understand that in Arlington, Virginia there is no “best” time to buy.
If you find the most suitable $309,500 Colonial-style dwelling now, you don’t want to miss out because you believe you can predict where the interest rates are going in Arlington tomorrow. Factors like market price and interest rate usually don’t change fast enough to make a difference in an individual home’s price. Much more important than macro-economic factors, is the actual neighborhood in Arlington you’re looking at. Every single property in Arlington is distinct. By the same token, opportunities in real estate are unique. That special home you’ve found in Arlington County might never be on the market again in your lifetime.

Photo of 2607 Arlington Blvd #49

The important opinion is your opinion.
Everyone likes a little reassurance from friends or relatives, but you can confuse the desires of others, for your own needs and wants. Concentrate on your desires, and not the needs and wants of people who won’t be living in the home.

There is no such thing as a perfect purchase.
There are many examples of compromises that buyers have to make every day. Consider a few of these possibilities. The roof is great, but the windows need to be replaced.Maybe it’s picture perfect, but with a price that is painful. We’ll prioritize a list of needs and wants, and focus only on properties in Arlington that fit your specified criteria.

Photo of 2607 Arlington Blvd #49

Don’t expect that to negotiate too much in Arlington.
We have a very efficient real estate market in Arlington County and most homes will trade for about what they are worth. There are very few properties that sell for more or less than the appraised value.If you pay too much, relax. I’ll put an appraisal contingency in that will allow you to kick-out of the deal at no penalty if the home sales price is too high.

Photo of 2607 Arlington Blvd #49

When you’re buying a unit like 2607 Arlington Blvd #49 in Arlington, you’re also buying a neighborhood like Cambridge Courts.
Don’t get completely enamored by the physical aspects of a home to the point that you forget about important issues such as:

  • parks
  • walking/jogging paths
  • commute and traffic

Prepare ahead.
Don’t shop for homes before you:

  • consider a moving schedule
  • to get approved for a mortgage
  • learn more about home inspections
  • select a Realtor

I can help with the purchase process. Even if you just need to talk to learn more about how to go forward, please don’t hesitate to call. Connect with me if you’d like to learn more about 2607 Arlington Blvd #49.


Price: $309,500 : 2607 Arlington Blvd #49, Arlington, VA 22201
|| Beds: 2 || Baths: 1 || Half-Baths: 0 || Living Area: 781 || Days On Market: 0 ||

Photo of 2607 Arlington Blvd #49

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