5 Reasons To Love Waverly Hills

A nationally registered historic district with tree-lined streets and an eclectic assortment of mostly older homes, Waverly Hills is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Arlington.

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Waverly Hills is in Arlington

It is located just about a mile from the Ballston Metro and is bounded by the busy Lee Highway to the north, North Utah Street to the east, Interstate 66 to the south, and North Glebe Road to the west.

Here are five reasons to love Waverly Hills:

  1. Walkable Community– Waverly Hills neighborhood is within a walking distance to several amenities including Ballston Metro station, Ballston shopping area, several stores, restaurants, a movie theater, parks, the Custis bike trail, libraries, and an ice rink. It is also a walking distance to Glebe Elementary, Washington-Lee High school, and Arlington Hospital Center.
  2. Easy Commute– Most of the residents in Waverly Hills use their vehicles as the main means of transport. They use the N Glebe Road which leads to nearby main roads, including Washington Boulevard, Fairfax Drive, Wilson Boulevard, Route 50, I-66 and Lee Highway. Located near the Ballston Station on the Orange and Silver lines, the community is served by both the Metro and Arlington County Transit (ART) buses.
  3. Sense of Community– The residents of Waverly Hills know and look out for each other. The Waverly Hills Civic Association organizes various community events throughout the year where neighbors can meet and get to know each other in a fun setting. One of these events is the springtime Easter Egg Hunt where the community meets at Woodstock Park. Besides these formal events, residents also meet for dinner or parties on a regular basis.
  4. Schools– Students living in Waverly Hills attend Glebe Elementary, Swanson Middle, and Washington-Lee and Yorktown High schools.
  5. Parks– The main park in Waverly Hills is the Woodstock Park at 2049 Woodstock St. It is a one-acre park that has picnic tables, a gazebo, a playground, and a basketball court.

Properties in Waverly Hills

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