How Do You Know That It’s Time To Sell Your Home In Arlington?

Are you thinking about selling your home in Arlington? How long have you lived there?

According to the National Association of Realtors®, homeowners stay in a house for an average of ten years before they think of moving. This may seem like a shockingly short or way too long a period for you, but the fact is, different people have different reasons for selling their home.

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Still, there are a few common threads that may lead us to pack up and move to the next one. And, sometimes, we don’t even see it coming.

Below are some telltale signs that it’s time to sell;

  1. When the seller’s market in Arlington is booming and you want in- The most obvious reason to sell is to make a profit on your property. Gauge the key indicators of a strong market: If the price per foot in your area is increasing, the amount of time that properties stay on the market is reducing, and there is a rise in brokerage activity in your neighborhood, then it’s probably the time to get in on the action.
  2. What did your neighbors get for their house in Arlington?- Keep track of what comparable homes in your neighborhood are selling for by checking online listings in your area and paying attention to the “recently sold” flyers in your mailbox. If you find that the houses on your street that are similar to yours are selling for an amount that you’d be satisfied with, then it might be time to move.
  3. If the housing costs are overstressing you- not everyone sells their home to make a profit, some just want to ease their financial burdens after underestimating their ongoing housing cost. If you can no longer manage the property taxes or mortgage payments, then perhaps you should move to a more affordable home.
  4. Your family has grown- when you first moved to this home you were expecting your first child; you now have three preteens and the house is becoming too small. It’s probably time to move to a bigger home.
  5. Need for change- Some emotionally wrought experiences such as death, serious illness, and divorce may warrant a need for change.

Properties in Arlington County

1849 N Uhle St #1

[$675,000, Arlington, VA 22201]

203 N George Mason Dr #203-4

[$279,999, Arlington, VA 22203]

4401 Lee Hwy #51

[$289,000, Arlington, VA 22207]

2100 Lee Hwy #224

[$459,900, Arlington, VA 22201]

750 S Dickerson St #208

[$250,000, Arlington, VA 22204]

5609 19th St N

[$1,675,000, Arlington, VA 22205]

4603 36th St S #A

[$649,900, Arlington, VA 22206]

3600 S Glebe Rd #222w

[$675,000, Arlington, VA 22202]

908 21st St S

[$1,789,000, Arlington, VA 22202]

1600 N Oak St #726

[$734,900, Arlington, VA 22209]

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