How’s Lyon Village Park?

Lyon Village Park is a little 1.5-acre fenced-in park located in the Lyon Village neighborhood just north of Clarendon in Arlington VA.

Lyon Village Park

We took the trip there with my four-year-old daughter last Saturday afternoon and she just loved it. Their parking is really parking but we managed to get a spot probably because our arrival coincided with many people’s nap-time departure.

Lyon Village Park features many recreational amenities that include a picnic area, two tennis courts, and a basketball court, which are all well-maintained and lit for evening play. There is a large playground with four baby swings and four regular swings, a white sand area, some climbing structures and slides with different heights.

But, the sprayground is the main attraction of the park. It sprinkles water from several different high-powered sprinklers and water jets and also has a few buckets that drop water once they fill. Its the perfect summertime playground fun and the kids just love it.

Properties in Lyon Village

1837 N Hartford St

[$1,400,000, Arlington, VA 22201]

1618 N Danville St

[$1,260,000, Arlington, VA 22201]

3123 Key Blvd

[$2,699,000, Arlington, VA 22201]

1819 N Highland St

[$1,450,000, Arlington, VA 22201]


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