The Art Of The Small Garden In Old Town Alexandria

Carlyle House blossoms
Old Town Alexandria in bloom

Having a big outdoor space does not always mean that it is better. Small gardens in Old Town Alexandria are jewel boxes that delight the senses at minimal maintenance and cost compared to their larger counterpart.

Many years ago, residential backyards in Old Town Alexandria that are most appealing are the ones that feature sprawling plots with multiple rooms. These usually have separate areas for cooking and dining, a garden for flowers and vegetables, and a pool or playground for recreational place. Recently, residential owners in Old Town Alexandria have been looking for ways to cut down housing costs and maintenance. These homeowners are paring down on the time and funds going toward landscape upkeep.

Old Town is in bloom
Old Town is in bloom

Recently, gardens in Old Town Alexandria have been scaling down proportionately. These happen in forms of smaller urban backyards and terraces and newly built homes with smaller outdoor footprints. For example, a homeowner residing in a bungalow in Old Town Alexandria with a small yard would still be able to hear the trickling sounds of water, but it might just be a bubbling fountain rather than a big outdoor water features or a swimming pool. On the other hand, the same is true for vegetable gardens. Instead of planting large raised beds, a pot or two of ceramic pots filled with a mix of herbs and vegetables would easily provide you ingredients for a homegrown meal.

Laurie Van Zandt, a landscape designed and founder of The Ardent Gardener in Huntsville, Utah, said that her clients with smaller yards are just as happy as those with larger yards. Majority of her clients prefer to just sit with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while enjoying the view their small yard has than be overwhelmed with maintenance that larger yards require.

Greenery benefits a home owner’s physical and psychological well-being. It may also help sell a listing faster and for a better price as compared to properties that don’t have greenery. Amber Freda, a New York based landscape designer who founded Amber Freda Garden Design 15 years ago, has seen her business grow steadily. The amount of finished outdoor gardens in Old Town Alexandria has increased compared to the amount of raw spaces. It’s definitely a selling feature to have outlets for electricity, faucets for water, and a gas line for grill in the outdoor garden.

Maximize the space you have

To help clients in Old Town Alexandria with small yards create a garden that they love, you should keep in mind the five senses. These are sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Before setting up your garden in Old Town Alexandria, you have to consider the climate of the area where you are in and the property’s soil, terrain, and amount of sunlight and shade. Lastly, you need to know your client’s budget for a garden, including installation and maintenance.

The following are tips from garden experts on the elements of a strongly built garden in Old Town Alexandria.

Edibles. There are some homeowners who are inspired to eat healthy when they grow their own produce. It also adds an element of fun on their end. Though having a small area for your garden will directly affect the possibilities that you have, some vegetables are propagated specifically for their small size. An example of these vegetables are tomatoes, artichokes, and carrots. There are also certain fruit trees that have been genetically developed to grow in smaller spaces such as nectarines, peaches, and some citrus.

To make it easier for you to maintain your garden, use a galvanized horse throughs or big pots for planting. You may also consider to drip irrigation or soaker hoses.

Fire. A fire feature in a property in Old Town Alexandria is among today’s top outdoor requests. For yards that are smaller, a fire pit, bowl, or any element built into a table can provide you that glow that you need. Unlike a fireplaces, most pits do not need permission from a local municipality.

Water. The sound of water may delight a few people, it serves another purpose, to block other noise. You can easily find an attractive container that can be retrofitted with a bubbler. More clients prefer to have a small lap pool.

If you want to cut down your water consumption, it is suggested to use faux grass. More clients have lost their appeal towards koi ponds due to heavy maintenance.

Cooking and eating. Residents of Old Town Alexandria love to eat outside the house. This is why outdoor kitchens grew larger and became more famous. Some outdoor kitchens have incorporated a grill with rotisserie, sink, and refrigerator. Some even add a beer tap, pizza oven, countertops, and storage. However, most homeowners find it impractical with the indoor kitchen just within reach.

Wildlife-friendly. Being close to wildlife and nature is good to those living in Old Town Alexandria. Having the right plants will attract hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, moths, flies, beetles, and other insects that give back to the garden. It is advisable to choose plants that flower at different times of the year so that your garden will constantly have color and life in it.

Soul-nourishing. Having a small garden can become a spiritual retreat, helping homeowners in Old Town Alexandria to destress and unwind. On the other hand, hospitals have also installed their own garden to help patients recover fast.

Privacy. Homeowners at Old Town Alexandria have found it more important to have shielding gardens and outdoor spaces. One way is to go vertical and plant along a garage, outbuilding, or fence to camouflage or block out neighboring properties. Another option for privacy is to plant trees with multiple trunks. It should be noted that the homeowner should know how big the plant will grow so that enough room is given to it.

Decorative. It is important to note that homeowners should be mindful of the decorations that they put to avoid overcrowding a small garden.

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