6 Benefits of Owning a Condominium In Arlington

There are various types of condominiums in Arlington but, the most common legal arrangements involve individual ownership of each unit, with joint ownership of the communal or common areas by all of the residents in the building.

Condos in Arlington range from studios and one bedroom apartment, to a four-bedroom penthouse apartment. Even condominiums with the same number of bedrooms can have different floor plans and different numbers of bathrooms and half-baths. Here are six benefits of owning a condominium in Arlington.

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  1. Price–  Some condos in Arlington are less expensive than a traditional single-family house and a mortgage plus condo fees may be equivalent to rent.
  2. Amenities– A lot of condos in Arlington have added amenities and facilities that you won’t find on a similarly priced single-family residence. A typical condo has a pool, a work-out room, and party room.
  3. The maintenance and lawn care is provided by the condo association- Many condos in Arlington have utilities included in the price of the condo fee. These and many other luxuries are standard in a condominium community but are beyond the reach of those who reside in single family homes.
  4. Lifestyle– condo owners in Arlington choose the condo life because they love life and they don’t want to be bogged down with maintaining a lawn or cleaning gutters. They want to walk out the back door and enjoy a dip in the pool while the other guy is spending time writing checks to pay his utilities.
  5. Security– Most condos in Arlington tend to offer better security than a single-family residence home. This is because most condo buildings offer a secure entrance or a doorman.
  6. Financial freedom– By paying your mortgage on your Condo in Arlington, you will be on your way to gaining financial freedom. With an apartment, your money is gone and your rent will surely have a cost of living increase.

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