West End: Gateway To The City Of Alexandria

Olympus condos West End is the fastest growing area in the City of Alexandria. West End has a street hierarchy filled with cul-de-sacs and winding roads. The high-density residential area of West End is called Landmark due to the nearby Landmark Mall. Shopping malls and shops are also concentrated in this area. Whether you are looking for authentic cuisine or a piece of the Civil War history, you can find it in West End, Alexandria. Typically, you can find single family and townhouses on side streets and corners that you wouldn't expect to be there. If you are in search of highly desirable and stately homes, head over to Seminary Road. If you are looking for properties that have been recently developed but still maintain the architecture of Old Town, you may consider the area near Cameron Station. The Cameron Station area is relatively close to Old Town and Landmark Mall.

Properties in West End

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