When you’re pondering purchasing a 1-bedroom high-rise condo like 2451 Midtown Ave #1010 in 22303 in Alexandria, can you make the world a better place and get the residence that you want AND do so without destroying the seller?

As a Realtor, I pledged to act fairly towards all in the spirit of the Golden Rule, but Realtor or not, it’s something that I have practiced through-out my lifetime in both business and personal matters.

Photo of 2451 Midtown Ave #1010

But how does that apply to purchasing real estate in Alexandria, Virginia?

Photo of 2451 Midtown Ave #1010

It doesn’t mean you should settle for a high-rise condo. It doesn’t mean that you’re expected to pay more than a high-rise condo like 2451 Midtown Ave #1010 is worth. But it does mean that:

We don’t hang up on people. We pick up when we can. If we miss a call, we return a call. We investigate before we buy and whenever possible before we even make an offer. We never want to argue or yell. If there is no possibility for agreement, it’s time to move on—without hurt feelings.

Photo of 2451 Midtown Ave #1010

If you’re in the market, please take a look at these tips.

Will Nesbitt Julie Nesbitt
Will Nesbitt Julie Nesbitt

I’ll take the worries out of your real estate goals. If you need an agent that is a remarkable specialist in 22303 please let me know.

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