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The right real estate agent is not necessarily flamboyant, and might not have a brand new car. The best Realtor for you wants to find a home that appeals to you (rather than to the agent), is one who listens to you, and wants to find a home that appeals to you (rather than to the agent).

Julie Nesbitt Each home buyer is unique. Some buyers love Colonial-style homes. Others do not. Some buyers are investors. Some buyers are military. Just as purchasers have different needs, agents have different accomplishments and talents.

Here’s how to find the real estate professional for you when your purchasing in 20120:

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  1. Check out agent referrals. — I like Angie’s List because I know that Angie’s List voice verifies each review. You can also see if the agent or brokerage has any awards for client satisfaction.
  2. Speak with a few realtors — You sometimes need to see the house you don’t want to buy to feel comfortable with the home you will buy. It’s the same with agents. The agent you choose should be able to clearly understand your needs.
  3. There should be a certain chemistry between you and your agent. — You want an agent that “gets you”.Interpersonal skills are as important as professional skills.
  4. Ask the agent his/her process for finding houses. — When selecting a Realtor, ask how they search for homes. Some agents have their own preferred listings that they favor. But you want what’s best for you, not what’s best for your agent. So make sure the agent is willing to search high and low to find the best home for you. That includes using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) as well as their own personal network.
  5. Make sure you understand what you sign. — The Commonwealth of Virginia requires all agents to sign a representation agreement before showing properties or having material discussions about a specific property. Be very wary of any agent that is no concerned about getting a representation agreement signed. A representation agreement describes the agent’s responsibilities and your obligations when a real estate agent shows you a property in Fairfax County. This advice is heavily used for a reason.
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Julie Nesbitt is an ABR who has served buyers in some of Alexandria’s most exclusive neighborhoods.  She is a top producing agent who has listed and sold property in Northern Virginia. In addition to helping folks buy, sell and rent property in Northern Virginia, Julie is the primary administrator of the property management services performed by Nesbitt Realty and Condo Alexandria. Call Julie at (703)765-0300.