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Are you considering buying in 22314? You’ll want to think about these 9 things.

  1. Properties in 22314 typically do not have basements.
  2. Ballou Senior, T.C. Williams, and Thomas Jefferson High Schools serves 22314.
  3. The average above grade living area in 22314 is 1,495 sq.ft.
  4. Many were built in 1978.
  5. Properties in 22314 typically have 1 to 8 bedrooms.
  6. Properties range from $163,500 to $5,485,000.
  7. Middle school children at 22314 attend George Washington, Jefferson-Houston, and Minnie Howard Middle Schools.
  8. You might want to compare 22314 to Potomac Yard.
  9. 22314 homes typically do not have garages.

Properties in Old Town Alexandria

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