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We played a game at the office this Sunday. Lots of fun.


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The Empire Strikes Out

A brilliantly crafted and ambitious scenario, by Game Will Master, with Rebels striking deep into the very heart of the Empire.

Replete with new blood (Andrew)
NewBlood.JPG[email protected]" width="275">
Andrew.JPG[email protected]" width="275">

and old blood (constantly fixed and statuesque pose) Stefan.

OldBlood and attitude.JPG[email protected]" width="275">

The Rebels appear cautiously out of hyperdrive engaging the strategically placed (by Andrew, not to be confused with Dr. Andy, but he does have a masters degree, new blood)  mines which destruct almost harmlessly taking down a few Rebel shields from a safe distance.

The empire's cannons exploded due to the upgrades they had enthusiastically purchased from the Rebels
(government purchasing).

The Rebels advanced with the ever present Force surely present having methodically eliminated all sensor arrays but one of the doomed Empire....upon their approach
TheForceIsWithUS.JPG[email protected]" width="275">

Andrew held back the robust and brave Darth Stefan Vader from advancing quickly and protecting the forward array. Deferring to the youthful new blood may be explained by Darth Vader's generous and affable countenance.....

DarthVader.JPG[email protected]" width="275">

or perhaps it was from Andrew's professional gaming skills and international tournament success.

Either way...

the fleets engage

GaryAdvances.JPG[email protected]" width="275">

  the breakthrough
TheBreakThrough.JPG[email protected]" width="275">

the victory
TheVictory.JPG[email protected]" width="275">

The objective and the pillage
TheRevelry.JPG[email protected]" width="275">

Finally, Admiral Gary had no subordinates to disobey his orders, so all went according to plan.

Great scenario, lot of fun and much appreciation to Will.


Will Nesbitt

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