1 Reason why the Cubs Couldn’t Win

Are you still confused about this year’s World Series and the opponents in this classic?

No need to be confused about why the Mets and Royals are in the Series and not some other clubs.  I was recently asked by a Cubs fan in a local gym, “Why do we never get a chance to experience the next step?”  We proceeded to diagnose the ailment of the club and talked about things like youth and in-experience.  We chatted about there being something good about dumb youth, but at some point there needs to be some direction to put them over the top.  The real reason why they didn’t advance is much more simple.

Going back to the NLDS, the Cubs faced a much more experienced and talented team in the Cardinals.  They were able to get past them for a couple of reasons, only one of which is relevant here.  The Cardinals offense managed to make Jake Arrieta (#49 and starting pitcher for the Cubs) look human and almost Steve Blass – like.  At one point in the game, Jake couldn’t find the strike zone at all and it seemed as if things weren’t going to get any better, just like the 1972 season for Blass.

The problem with this is that the Cubs didn’t have any other pitcher who was ready for the next level.  The thing that got them past the Cardinals is their offense, which made the Cards look feeble and weak.  This is exactly what they were at this point in the season.  They were worn out and injured.

Pitching is the key to success.  With it, your team will go far and without it, you’ll wonder if the commissioner paid your team to blow it.  It’s as simple as that.  Pitching got the Mets and Royals to the Fall Classic and the winner will show that they have the best staff.  You want a great team?  Go get the best young and talented pitching staff.  It can happen for any team, no matter what their history tells us.

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