Learning From the Locals

This past week I had the opportunity to conduct quarterly inspections on several units that we manage in the Northern Virginia area.  Being new to the region, I was excited to see some of these properties for the first time.  This was not only going to give me valuable insight to the area, but it also would give me the chance to compare this area and the properties with what I already knew from the mid-west.

One thing that drew my attention right away was the amount of cars parked up and down the street on the way to my first inspection.  Parking spaces are precious in this area and after talking with the tenant in the first condominium I was to inspect, I realized why this was the case.

The Martha Washington library in Belle View has books, audio books, dvds, and more
The Martha Washington library in Belle View has books, audio books, dvds, and more

She explained to me that she loved living in her Belle View condo because of how beautiful the area is and how wonderful her condo is.  She also told me that she likes being in an area where so many people are physically active.

A point well taken, as I see many people daily walking, running, riding bicycles or just relaxing by the Potomac River from early in the morning to late in the evening.  This brings me to her last point about the area.  This area is inviting people to be active because it is so safe.

I learned much about the condominiums in this area inside and out.  I learned a lot about the area adjacent to these condos as well.  But, more importantly, I learned that some of the people in this area are not only intriguing, but also kind and vivacious.  Is this the neighborhood you're ready to call home?

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