6 Tips for Riding a Bike in Northern VA

  1. Alexandria Avenue bridges the Mount Vernon Trail
    Alexandria Avenue bridges the Mount Vernon Trail
    Courtesy: Stay out of the way of others, including pedestrians and motor vehicles. When coming to a passage way with a vehicle stopped or about to stop and you are approaching, if you not going to stop, go to the left of the vehicle and pass behind it so that you do not interfere with their momentum, otherwise stop and wait for them to pass.
  2. Round-trip: Consider where you begin, in regards to where your terminal point is. For example, a trip from Old Town by bike can lead to various routes, such as Eisenhower Valley, Del Ray, Crystal City, Fairfax County' Alexandria, Mount Vernon, etc.
  3. Resources: Think of what you will bring with you on the way and what you might pick up while on the go. For example, a bike rack can be a luxury; storing photography accessories, snacks, water, maps, handheld electronics, etc. It can be economical to ride to a local business and back to acquire much needed resources such as home goods, hobby essentials, repair equipment, missing errand inventory.
  4. Soak it up: While out it is amazing to witness the weather upon the land, the change and consistency in history of a region, to feel the wind, to see people in action, to fly down a hill, and so on.
  5. Wing it: Weather nice? Mount the bike and head in a direction you've been before, or possibly travel to a region you have thought about before. Have some money on you and go to a business you like, pick up some fresh groceries, visit a friends dwelling, make it to a monument, etc.
  6. Plan: Come up with an idea for a round-trip bicycle adventure. A plan to go visit the nightlife spot you enjoy, during the day, can be refreshing. Ride to the end of the 5 mile point on the map, and back.

Properties in Arlington

Arlington County is organized into unincorporated "urban villages". Our website highlights several of these villages and other areas in Arlington County.


5 Easy Steps to Change the Furnace Filter in your Wall Unit

Do I need to Change the Furnace Filter? Is it getting less desirable to take a deep breath in your condo or apartment, because it 'tastes' different?  Or, is that musty smell in a unit that you want to rent, the only thing keeping you from signing that lease?  It may simply be time to replace that old, nasty furnace filter. If this is a new place you've just moved into, there is no way for you to know if the previous tenant kept up  with the changing of the filter, as they should.  Over time, when a filter gets clogged and full of debris that it has trapped, it will begin releasing the abundance of trapped particles right into your air for you to enjoy. The following steps will assist you in changing out this filter, so you can breathe easier.  Do not attempt to proceed with the following steps without first turning the unit off. The only thing you may need is a pair of gloves, to make things easier to grip during this process.
  1. With the power off, locate the front panel of the unit.
  2. Reach under the front of this panel with both hands and pull upward on the left and right side of panel until it lifts up and off.  Lay this panel off to the side so it is not in the way.
  3. Locate the filter at the bottom of the unit.  It will be laying down parallel to the floor.  Gently slide it out of its track.  You may need to wiggle it back and forth to complete this step.  Visually inspect the filter and do not be surprised to see a layer of filth that pre-dates the Carter administration, resulting in simply not being changed in an appropriate amount of time.  Dispose of the old filter.
  4. Install the new filter on the track, replace the front panel and turn unit on to enjoy clean air once again.
  5. Repeat this process of changing out the filter every one to three months, depending on the quality of filter you install.                                                                                        Many Condominiums in the Alexandria area have these wall units.  Please refer to the above instructions for safe and quick installation of your new filter.  For information on ordering filters that you can't find in your local store, call 3M (1-888-445-9476).  They will help you get the new filters sent out to you quickly and painlessly.  Now, you don't have an excuse to avoid changing out that disgusting filter, do you?                                                                               

At Least 3 Reasons to Choose Gold’s Gym

Why Did I End Up Here? I am from a place that is a bit more rough than it is out here in Virginia.  I am truly used to things being out in the open and borderline scary when it comes to thinking of my next membership in a gym.  In choosing a place to workout here in my new world of Alexandria, Virginia, I had many choices. Now, I am not a huge guy looking to shed a couple of ounces and get back into posing shape for the next mag shoot, but I do have some desires when it comes to choosing where is choose to sweat. I took some time deciding which gym to settle down on and I am happy to report that after a couple of weeks, I am satisfied with my choice.  After walking into a very subtle looking Gold's Gym on Route 1 in Alexandria, I noticed initially that it was very clean.  Good point number one to put into my mental bank. I sat down with a member of the staff, who explained everything that I could possibly want to know about the facility and then we took a tour.  Good point number two was the way I was treated by the staff.  They were professional and made me feel comfortable.  I signed up for a membership and have been going there everyday since. The third thing or things about the place that jumped out to me when I think of positives to take away are as follows:  the friendliness of the staff, the spacing in between the pieces of equipment, how helpful the staff is if I need anything at all or if I just have question and the good thing to me is that the staff is made up of real people.  No, I don't mean that they may be robots, like Sheldon from TBBT would love to be, but that they just aren't all huge bodybuilders that may keep some people from feeling welcome. Other positives about this facility include a four lap pool (salt water), a sauna in the locker rooms,  a spa (to take away any stress not fully pushed aside by a morning of pumping iron), tanning beds and massage table. Aerobics and Spinning classes, just to name a couple are among many classes offered by the staff, which are included in the price of membership.  I also noticed that the price of membership was very reasonable, for what is all included and I plan on being a member of this facility for a long time to come. The only real draw back to the gym is that the hours are not what I would like.  It is not open 24 hours and the closing time is a bit early for my taste.  Other than those two small issues, I am very pleased with my experience here at the Gold's Gym Alexandria.  Is the world of fitness calling your name?
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10 Favorite Cheap Eats

  1. Johnny Mac's, as seen from the outside
    Johnny Mac's, as seen from the outside
    Johnny Mac's: Large menu, filling portions, affordable prices, originality in food style, near Fort Belvoir.
  2. Juliano's: Authentic Italian, scrumptious pizza pies, awesome specials, appetizers, alcoholic beverages, and so on.
  3. Stage Door Deli: Juke joint above, tavern below in the City of Alexandria.
  4. Old Chicago: Order online, close to Huntington metro, premium ingredients, speedy delivery.
  5. Magic Wok: Hot food, delivery, dine-in, Chinese meals.
  6. Al's Steakhouse: Mt. Vernon Ave. location, big meal, country-style; a delight to taste buds.
  7. Hautedogs: Exquisite hot dogs in various arrangements in Old Town, Alexandria.
  8. Philly Cheesesteak Factory: Classic steak and cheese in West End.
  9. Alexandria Pastry Shop: Quaint baked goods in Bradlee Shopping Center.
  10. Valentino's: Extra large pizza with hearty ingredients.

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Steak and cheese and mac and cheese
Steak and cheese and mac and cheese

Historical changes to come for the Old Dominion Boat Club

Through the years on my many strolls through Old Town, I have passed by the Old Dominion Boat Club. As a member of the of the Mount Vernon Yacht Club I knew of the 133 year old club and the longstanding pride this organisation holds. Founded in 1880 the Old Dominion Boat Club is the oldest boating club in Virginia. While originally created as a social club with a focus on a sports and physical fitness, the club is prides itself on the charity events and scholarships it provides to Alexandria high school students. Knowing a location change is in the works for the ODBC, my husband and I stopped in to enjoy a light dinner and take in the panoramic views of the Potomac River.

Understanding Personal and Real Property

Are Personal and Real Property Different? Through my training I have come to understand many terms that had previously eluded me.  Two of those terms, which on the surface appear very similar, are personal property and real property.  The difference is subtle, but important when determining what items are staying with a property or what is going to be leaving when the sale is complete. Personal property is broken down in simple terms to mean anything that is movable or unattached to the land.  There can be tangible personal property (cars, yachts, championship rings or horses).  Other personal property is intangible (stocks, notes, mortgages or leases).
Principal Broker watches as hardwood floors are installed
Principal Broker watches as hardwood floors are installed
The other type of property is that of real property and it is simply anything that is not-movable and attached to the land.  This can include permanent plantings, such as trees, perennial flowers and grasses.  Fixtures are also real property, because they are attached.  Items that were once personal property, such as bricks, mortar and 2x4's for a wall, can become real property once they have been made into a wall and now are part of the land. Developments, including housing and other buildings are also considered real property and will convey with the property, because they are not able to be moved.  Contact Nesbitt Realty to acquire your next dream real property and you can have a new place to put all of your personal property.  Is this the year to step up and get the home of your dreams? Featured Home for Sale in Old Town Alexandria
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) says that since so many details, especially financial ones, are involved in buying and selling a home, using a real estate agent is a good idea because that professional can be a guide throughout the process, making the entire process and experience so much easier. The key to a successful and positive experience with a real estate transaction is finding the right professional to assist you. While a real estate agent can meet your needs, the services of a Realtor® will suite your needs even better.

In {Location_Name}, what’s the Difference Between a Real Estate Agent and a Realtor?

Of the more than two million people who have earned real estate licenses, only a small percentage of them are Realtors. Realtors, who are members in good standing of the National Association of Realtors, their state association of Realtors, and a local real estate board, are held to high standards of ethical behavior and undergo continuing education annually to remain accredited. All agents of Nesbitt Realty are Realtors!  

Why Belle View?

Learning From the Locals

This past week I had the opportunity to conduct quarterly inspections on several units that we manage in the Northern Virginia area.  Being new to the region, I was excited to see some of these properties for the first time.  This was not only going to give me valuable insight to the area, but it also would give me the chance to compare this area and the properties with what I already knew from the mid-west.

One thing that drew my attention right away was the amount of cars parked up and down the street on the way to my first inspection.  Parking spaces are precious in this area and after talking with the tenant in the first condominium I was to inspect, I realized why this was the case.

The Martha Washington library in Belle View has books, audio books, dvds, and more
The Martha Washington library in Belle View has books, audio books, dvds, and more

She explained to me that she loved living in her Belle View condo because of how beautiful the area is and how wonderful her condo is.  She also told me that she likes being in an area where so many people are physically active.

A point well taken, as I see many people daily walking, running, riding bicycles or just relaxing by the Potomac River from early in the morning to late in the evening.  This brings me to her last point about the area.  This area is inviting people to be active because it is so safe.

I learned much about the condominiums in this area inside and out.  I learned a lot about the area adjacent to these condos as well.  But, more importantly, I learned that some of the people in this area are not only intriguing, but also kind and vivacious.  Is this the neighborhood you're ready to call home?