Top 2015 Home Buyer Stressors

Del Ray
Here's a typical Craftsman home in Del Ray Alexandria VA
Rising home prices have created a market that favors sellers. Under these current market conditions, little wiggle room for buyers on a budget is provided. In the previous year buyers in the market voiced that their top Real Estate sales stressor was a limited selection of inventory of homes for sale to choose from. Additionally, the year leading up to this year had notated that other top home buyer stressors were prices, competition, rising mortgage rates, and home shopping fatigue. Here are the 2015 top home buyer stressors:
  • Affordability, prices jumped too quickly
  • Competition, other buyers want the same property
  • Circumstance, need to sell current property first
  • Down payment, didn't squirrel away enough to prepare
  • Unreasonable mortgage rates, can't make the move into home ownership just yet
Source: Top 6 Home Buyer Concerns on

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