History of Franconia VA

Franconia Road, once the means by which Virginia tobacco entered the port city of Alexandria, is now a bustling city road catering to millions of pedestrians on a regular basis. Franconia, throughout history, witnessed events such as Mosby raids, the birth of the first Virginia governor coming from the northern part of the state, and even became the home of Carrolltown, a flourishing community of African-Americans.

Franconia Museum interior
The Franconia Museum is located in Fairfax County VA.

Franconia Museum is at 6121 Franconia Road, Alexandria, VA 22310. Franconia Museum is a great place to learn more about the history of Franconia.

With a band of volunteers fueling its operations and the regular exhibits sponsored by the museum in local hotspots, the Franconia Museum is one of the uniting factors of its surrounding community, serving to educate its citizens and enrich their cultural and historical knowledge. To learn more about the Museum, you can join their many events, including regular gatherings where guests are encouraged to tell their stories and learn of the stories of others, and of course, their celebration of Franconia History Day during the fall.

For more information on Franconia Museum and their hosted events, you can contact the following phone number: (703) 971-7943.

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