Belle Haven Country Club

  The Belle Haven Country Club is located near the intersection of Fort Hunt, Route 1, and I-95/I-495.  Situated near Belle View Condos, River Towers, Montebello, Hunting Creek Club, and Midtown Alexandria Station it's within easy reach of the Huntington Metro.  It's beautiful greens are accentuated by many offerings
Belle Haven golf course
All roads lead to the bunker
  • Catered weddings and social events
  • Outdoor and Indoor Tennis
  • Outdoor pool
  • Fitness center
  • 18 holes and over 6900 yards
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Green Spring Gardens

Green Spring Gardens and Horticultural Center in Annandale is an inspiration for gardeners and a destination for tourists and visitors. Whether you are local or just visiting Northern Virginia, Green Springs Garden is quiet get-away to be seen. Green Springs features a valley centered over a wooded stream. The naturalist plant gardens showcase native species while the green houses are filled with tropical plants. Green Spring Gardens feature a wide variety of trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, annuals, bulbs, and vegetable. Check out the horticultural reference library or visit the gift shops to stock your own library. The Garden Gate Plant Shop has plants, gardening gloves, collectible china, wind chimes and other gift ideas. Green Spring's grounds are open dawn to dusk every day of the year. The Horticulture Center is open Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 4:30 pm, and Sunday, noon to 4:30 pm. The Horticulture Center is closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's holidays. Park grounds are open from dawn to dusk..
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Sunset At Carlyle Towers

Sunset at Carlyle Towers

Carlyle Towers is located in the Carlyle District near Old Town Alexandria in Alexandria VA. There are three towers in this community, each one with different views of the city, the Potomac or the Monument. In the summer Alexandria is green and full of tourists, life and bustling with happy people. Carlyle Towers is conveniently located between the Eisenhower Metro and the King St. Metro. To check the prices and availability of listings at Carlyle Towers, just click the link! Carlyle Towers is about 10 years old now, and most units are in top condition. Some units in Carlyle Towers have already been refurbished and upgraded with touches like new hardwood floors and crown molding. Some even have new kitchens and bathrooms. Where will you spend your sunset?

Properties in Carlyle Towers

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Iwo Jima Memorial

Iwo Jima MemorialThe Marine Corps War Memorial honors fallen U.S. Marine Corps members depicting one of the most famous incidents of World War II. The incident was witnessed by news photographer Joe Rosenthal whose picture of six men raising the American flag on Mt. Suribachi won the Pulitzer Prize and later became the symbol of the war effort in the Pacific. The depiction was also used by the American government to sell war bonds and to promote the war effort. Finally, the picture inspired sculptor Felix DeWeldon, who created a life size model of the photograph, which was later cast into bronze and brought to Washington, D.C, in September 1954. The names and dates of every principal Marine Corps engagement since the founding of the Corps is burnished into the base of the statue, as well as the inscription: "In honor and in memory of the men of the United States Marine Corps who have given their lives to their country since November 10, 1775." The Memorial is located on Marshall Drive, between Rt. 50 and the Arlington National Cemetery in Rosslyn. The U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial is administered by the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior. Telephone 703-289-2500 for further information about scheduled events.
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The differences between cities, counties, towns and unincorporated settlements in Virginia

For many, especially those who are new to the area, the system of jurisdictions that we have in the Commonwealth of Virginia can be confusing. This is especially confusing in Northern Virginia, where Virginia intersects with Washington DC and the State of Maryland. Fortunately I have a fresh bottle of CONFUSION-B-GON to spray liberally as needed.

Around our nation's capital

Let me start with my single-biggest pet peeve among newcomers: the term "DC proper". I have seen this term used regularly on a site that claims to provide local information. That information is provided by people using anonymous handles. Anonymous handles should be your first clue not to completely trust the information you find. At any rate: there is no such thing as "DC proper". There are three main jurisdictions here: Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. It is very common to live in Northern Virginia or Suburban Maryland and work in DC. Virginia is as different from DC as New Jersey is from New York. With a wink and a smile I have to inform you that just because you thought your job was transferring to Washington doesn't mean that you're moving to DC proper or improper.

Virginia jurisdictions

One of the keys to understanding Virginia real estate for a property search is to understand the differences between towns, counties and cities. In Virginia, as in most other states in the US, a county and an area administer below the state-level by local / county government. Counties are often rural areas, but Fairfax County has over a million residents and has very little rural land left. Fairfax County aside, a county may have one or more towns within it's borders. In Virginia a town, no matter how many people live in that town, is part of a county and is managed by the county. In Virginia, towns often have governments but these governments are subordinate to and part of the county where the town is found. In addition to counties, Virginia has a fairly unique concept called a city. A city is like a county, except it is more urban than rural. For example Falls Church and Alexandria are both cities. Cities, unlike towns, are not subordinate to counties. Cities are independent and operate on a level similar to counties. This can be particularly confusing in Fairfax County. Fairfax County is a large mostly urban county and it surrounds Fairfax, an independent city. So the City of Fairfax is surrounded by Fairfax County, but it's not a part of Fairfax County. Falls Church, Alexandria and Fairfax are all cities. Manassas and Manassas Park are both cities, and both are surrounded by Prince William County.

Real estate is sorted by county

It's important to understand this system of administrative organization because land tax records are stored by the county or city. Because tax records are organized by the county or city, real estate property searches are often sorted by the administrative jurisdiction. For a newcomer it can be a little difficult to tell the difference between Fairfax and Fairfax County, between Manassas and Manassas Park and Prince William County. Another point of confusion is Arlington. Arlington is a city in a practical sense, but Arlington is a county. Herndon, Vienna and Clifton are all towns located in Fairfax County, which mean that these towns have local governments subordinate to the county. Springfield is much bigger than Clifton, but Springfield is not a town. Another curious case is Crystal City. Crystal City is located in Arlington County. Interestingly, Crystal City is not a city nor is it a town!

Unincorporated settlements

Which brings us to the next point of confusion in the area. There are many unincorporated neighborhoods, villages, towns and settlements in Northern Virginia. Unincorporated just means there is no local (i.e. town) government. Rather than having a town government, an unincorporated town is managed by the county. Springfield, Annandale, Bailey's Crossroads, Mclean Tysons Corner and Reston are just a few of the many unincorporated towns in Fairfax County. In places like Springfield this can be a little confusing because without a town there is no formal border between Franconia and Springfield and thus no hard and fast distinction between the two. In addition, with the near completion of Kingstowne, Franconia-Springfield is now home to one of the largest planned communities/subdivisions in the area. Kingstowne is considered a town in and of itself by many.

Post office address

To make matters even more confusing for newcomers, there is the matter of the post office. The postal address of a property is not always an indicator of the jurisdiction of a property. For example, many addresses in Fairfax County have an Alexandria address. Service from the Alexandria post office has no bearing on the county or city of the address in question.

Confusion-B-Gon guarantee!

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What parks are near Old Town and Belle View?

A bench right across from the biking / running / walking trail
A bench right across from the biking / running / walking trail
One of the single greatest attractions on the west side of the Potomac River is the George Washington Parkway. This parkway stretches along from Mount Vernon Estates through Belle View and Old Town up north of Arlington.  Along the shore are scattered a bevy of parks from Theodore Roosevelt Island, the LBJ National Grove, Gravelly Point Park, Fort Marcy, and Turkey Run Park.  The GW Parkway even boasts a view of a rare Bald Eagle and its nest on the Belle Haven Country Club just south of Old town.  Learn more about great boons to property in Northern Virginia.

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Ronald Reagan National Airport in Crystal City / Arlington

National Airport
Main concourse of Reagan National Airport
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, formerly Washington National Airport, is on the Potomac River across from Washington DC. Along with Baltimore Washington International and Dulles International, Reagan National is one of three major airports serving the Washington Metro area. Reagan National is easily my favorite of the three airports for a number of reasons. Dulles and BWI are massive sprawling airports with shuttle buses and mobile lounges. Reagan National barely has enough room for the runway. I always like smaller airports. They feel like they are scaled to human beings. There is plenty of security at National, but it seems to move along more smoothly than Dulles or BWI. Dulles and BWI are outside the Beltway at the periphery of the Washington Capitol Area.  Reagan National is at the heart of everything, wedged at the confluence of DC, Alexandria and Arlington.  For me, it's a long drive just to get to BWI or Dulles, but Reagan National is here, and it's accessible by Metro. Reagan National is a station on both the Yellow and Blue lines. Extended parking is available at Dulles or BWI, but on the shuttle bus, the ride from the parking lot to the terminal seems like a mile or more.  At Reagan National, extended parking is at my house.  Because instead of taking a shuttle, I can take the Metro to the airport. The runway is short at Reagan National, and it launches planes up over GW Parkway and at the Washington Monument, requiring a steep climb and a hard left on take off. Some folks find this terrifying, but I have to admit I love it.  I know it's a safe path, because planes take off here day and night, so I sit back and enjoy the abrupt take-off and turn. Reagan National is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, although many ticket counters and restaurants in the airport close during off-hours. Reagan National is located within the Commonwealth of Virginia, but it has a Washington DC address to identify the airport's location more easily for travelers. The Perimeter Rule and the High Density Rule affect flights at Reagan National. Under the Perimeter Rule, nonstop aircraft flights are limited to a range of 1,250 miles or less. In 2000, Congress permitted the FAA toNational Airport allow six round-trip flights to points outside the perimeter. The High Density Rule (or "Slot" rule) limits the number of landings or takeoffs allowed in an hour. The rule affects Reagan National because of the Airport's limited airfield capacity. Reagan National is located in Arlington County near/in Crystal City. It is most easily accessed from the George Washington Parkway. There are a good many condos and homes in the Crystal City area and they're all just a metro stop away from Reagan National.  The take-off and approach to Reagan National is down the Potomac, so that area residents get very little noise or fly-over from the jets at Reagan National.
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