What is a home inspector?

home inspector Bob I like experts who speak in plain English that’s easy for a layman to understand. That’s why Bob Murphy of Camelot Inspections is one of my favorite home inspectors and I’ve recommended him to many home buyers.

What is a Home Inspector?

I recently asked Bob to describe a home inspector to me. He said, “A home inspector is generalist with a trained eye. They are required to have some knowledge of every system in your home. Those systems include structure, plumbing, electrical, Heating and A/C, etc. The term ‘house detective’ is a very fitting description. We look for little clues that add up to a big picture called ‘whole house phenomenon’.”

People hire home inspectors because, “A buyer needs a home inspection to give them some knowledge of what they are buying before it becomes theirs. This includes knowledge of defects, upgrades, and maintenance cost.”

As you might expect, Bob is pretty passionate about home inspection. He says, “The home inspection should be a required part of the transaction.  The appraisal,title search, and even termite inspection are required. Why?? To protect the lender!   So who is there to  protect the interest of the buyer?”

Alana, meet Bob

Lana LadyRecently, Alana H. was referred to me by a prior client and frankly she was one of the nicest clients I’ve ever had the honor of serving. After her purchase was negotiated she requested a home inspector so I recommended Bob’s services. Alana was a first-time home buyer, so she wanted Bob to give her new home the once-over.

Bob told her, “Food for thought….You cannot buy a car and register it without an inspection. That is a matter of public safety.

“So why then is the public permitted to make the biggest purchase of their lives without an inspection?”

Bob meets the house

bob w/flashlightBob has seen many immediate safety issues in all types of houses. Bob met Alana and I at her new townhouse in Reston VA. He immediately unpacked his gear and began to go to work. Like any good home inspector, Bob started with the exterior and checked out the house from the foundation to the roof. He checks downspouts, guttering and any potential problem or maintenance issues.

After getting inspecting the home’s interior Bob goes to work on the interior. He pulls out the flashlight and pokes around in dark corners, in the attic and in the crawl space. As he works Bob shows the homeowner what he’s doing and where potential problems can hide.

electrical home inspection

As part of his general practice Bob pulls the electrical box, checks the plumbing and applicances. He checks out major systems like the heating and air conditioning.

home inspection

Bob is especially helpful with the first-time home buyer. As a first-time buyer, you’ll find out what systems need attention. If you have and questions, ask Bob, he’s there to help.

home inspection

When all is said and done, Bob will prepare a report tailored to your home, so you’ll know exactly where you stand. He supplies a helpful book with tips and answers to some of the questions you might not even remember to ask.

home inspection

It’s always good to learn that the home is in good shape! Bob is available to inspect houses, townhouses or single family homes in Maryland or Northern Virginia.

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