Alexandria’s DASH — riding tips and information about the public bus system

DASH (Driving Alexandrians Safely Home) buses are seen around, across and near the city of Alexandria, Virginia. The City of Alexandria wholly owns the DASH bus system and operates the system as a non-profit public service cooperation. But day to day management of the system is provided by Alexandria Transit Company.

DASH bus in the Winter

If you’re new to the area, you’ll soon find out what others already know.  The DASH buses are a clean, safe and effective way to get about the city.  Boarding the bus is simple and easy. When the bus arrives, just step into the bus and then deposit the exact fare or use your WMATA SmarTrip card.If you have any questions about routes or transfers ask the driver and then take a seat. On some of the most popular routes or during rush hours, there might not be any available seats. In that case just move as far to the rear of the bus as possible. This makes it easier for others to board easily.

Be aware that the bus driver doesn’t always stop at all bus stops! To signal to the driver that your stop is approaching, press the yellow signal strip or pull the bell cord. It’s best to do this about a block from your destination so the driver has timely notice to stop at the next bus stop. When exiting the bus the rear door is easiest because others may be waiting to board through the front door.

DASH has great service because it has great employees but also because area passengers observe a few simple rules of safety and courtesy:

  • There is no smoking, eating, or drinking allowed on the bus.
  • Radios, I-pods and other devices may only be used if they cannot be heard by others
  • There are a limited number of priority seats that are reserved for senior citizens and disable persons. You may sit in these seats, but riders are expected to volunteer that seat if the seat is needed by a senior citizen or disabled person. If the bus is full, riders are expected to volunteer seats as needed.
  • All passengers keep feet off passengers’ seats.

To maintain the high level of quality offered by DASH, drivers may refuse service to anyone who does not observe these rules or to anyone whose behavior is disruptive or hazardous to vehicle or passenger safety.

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