After the process of picking out your dream property, the offer is to be written along with proof of Earnest Money and lender approval, your real estate agent will present the offer to the selling said.

This is where we, real estate agents use our expertise in presenting the offer, because it just doesn’t end there. It’s not simply handing the documentation to the listing agent and then wait patiently for their response. It is essential that the offer be over and for the fact that bargains do not last forever, we call up the listing agent to inform that the offer had already been sent over.

It is during this conversation that details be shared with the listing agent such as background information about our clients as to what would reflect as to what you would be looking for. We can describe as to how qualified you are to buy the property and how many properties we have looked at and that there are certain aspects or features about that home you sincerely appreciate.

As real estate agents, we review and explain all details of the offer such as inspections, date of closing, contingent or non contingent, pricing and the like. We also discuss a timeline to outline the milsestyones from the offer to settlement.

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