The Lee-Fendall House Museum and Garden

Boasting its Victorian architectural beauty, the Lee- Fendall House interprets the life and living of the Lee family from 1850 to 1870 with the well restored house and cared for garden. The Lee-Fendall House is situated in the Historic District of Old Town Alexandria on Lee Corner, at the junction of North Washington and Oronoco Streets within the neighborhood where other Lee Homes were located in the 18th and 19th centuries. General Robert E. Lee’s father, Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee who was a revolutionary war hero, sold the piece of land situated at the corner of Oronoco Street to his cousin Philip Richard Fendall who later on built his family home on this land in 1785. The Lee family resided on this land from 1785 to 1903 even when the Union Army had taken over the property to establish a hospital for its soldiers in 1863. After the departure of the last Lee member from the property, Robert Downham resided in the house till 1937 when he conveyed the property to John L. Lewin, who in turn lived there till his death in 1969. The half acre garden of the Lee-Fendall House is a well managed garden overseen by the Alexandria Council of Garden Clubs consisting of 24 garden clubs ever since 1974. A variety of heritage roses, collection of herbs, English boxwoods, Black Walnut Trees, Gingko, Magnolia Grandiflora and scampering squirrels along with the tombstone of Philip R. Fendall’s mother, Eleanor Fendall can be found in this cared for garden. The Lee- Fendall House Museum and Garden is located at 614 Oronoco Street in Alexandria VA 22314. For more information about tours, events, rentals and the like, please call 703 548 1789 or visit

Virginia Aims to Slow ‘Drive-by Foreclosures’

Virginia lawmakers are fighting against “drive-by foreclosures,” saying the foreclosure process in the state is one of the fastest in the nation and needs to be slower and have judicial review. Bills in the Virginia House and Senate will set out to slow the state’s fast foreclosure pace by increasing the time required for foreclosure notice from two weeks to 30 or 45 days. The goal is to give borrowers more time to challenge the foreclosure if needed. "We simply don't have enough time to stop a foreclosure because of the fact that it's in 10 days or seven days," Todd Condren, a title insurance lawyer from Vienna, Va., told the House Courts of Justice Committee. The bills also set out to require lenders to face court review before foreclosing on home owners. Lenders will also be subjected to fines if it's found that any foreclosure was based on fraudulent documents or documents that contained any errors. The proposed bills also will have a requirement that lenders maintain updated real estate loan records in county courthouses and give borrowers an opportunity to avert foreclosure by paying off any delinquency. Virginia’s banking lobby officials argue that slowing foreclosures and requiring updated county land record filings would just prolong the already four year housing slump. Source: “Bill Seek Judicial Review of Foreclosures in Va., Better Mortgage Ownership Records,” The Associated Press (Jan. 17, 2011)

Arlington County, Virginia

Situated directly across Washington DC’s Potomac River, Arlington VA is an urban county that covers a total land area of 26 square miles. The properties in the area are a varied mix of commercial buildings and residential units. The metropolitan district can be easily accessed both by car and public transportation. Some of the urban villages included in Arlington County are the following:
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Arlington Ridge – boasts of its mansion-lined boulevard and a picturesque view of surrounding areas including Washington D.C. Aurora Highlands – offers cottages and homes close to Crystal City Ballston – home to tall condominiums and modern apartment complexes on the metro Clarendon – offers a unique combination of luxury apartments, townhouses, upscale chain stores, trendy bars and restaurants Court House – where you can find the government administrative complex of Arlington County as well as high-rise business and residential buildings Crystal City – where high-rise buildings extensively integrate residential and commercial units thus allowing residents to live, work and shop without literally going out Fairlington – consists mainly of condominium apartments and townhouses Rosslyn – numerous skyscrapers characterize the dense business section that also serves as the gateway to Washington DC Shirlington – most of the residential buildings are middle-class but several upscale dwelling and commercial establishments are starting to rise in the Beltway

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Crossroads of the Marine Corps – MCB Quantico

Located near Triangle, of Southern Prince William County, VA and established in 1917, Marine Corps Base Quantico or MCB Quantico is one of the largest U.S Marine Corps bases in the world with a replica of the USMC War Memorial structured at the entrance. MCB Quantico and the Potomac surround the town of Quantico meaning ‘by the large stream’, therefore only permitting access to the town via the base, Amtrak or the river. MCB Quantico houses:
  • Marine Corps Combat Development Command
  • Marine Corps Officer Candidates School
  • Marine Corps Research Center
  • Marine Corps Brig.
  • HMX-1
  • United States Drug Enforcement Administration’s Training Academy
  • FBI Academy
  • FBI Laboratory
  • FBI Hostage Rescue Team
  • Marine Raider Museum
Quantico experienced the first military presence during the American Revolutionary War, when the main naval base of the Commonwealth of Virginia was Quantico Creek village for the 72 vessel fleet. Quantico was built by the Quantico Company that brought in tourists and was highlighted as a fishing town. Quantico was then introduced as ‘The New Industrial City’ in 1916 while the number of U.S Navy ships being constructed at the Quantico Shipyards brought in profit. Marine Barracks, Quantico was established in 1917 now occupied by the present base that consisted of 91 enlisted men and 4 officers. With thousands of Marines being trained during the World War I, Marine Corps schools were then established that then developed into Marine Corps University. Highlights of MCB Quantico:
  • Development of the first Marine Aircraft Wing
  • HMX-1, the Marine Helicopter Squadron One is the Corps’s first helicopter squadron was established that provide efficient transportation for the U.S Presidents till today
  • Amphibious Warfare Doctrine for World War II was developed in 1934
  • Marine Corps Development and Education Command was changed to Marine Corps Combat Development Command in 1987
The Quantico Marine Corps Base Historic District along with a portion of the base is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services

Established in 1974 with a mission to reduce homelessness, increase community support and promote self sufficiency, the Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services is operated by a multi-denominational board of directors and staff managing over 70 housing units. Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services is located in the Mount Zephyr Business Center at 8305 Richmond Highway, Suite 17B, corner of Richmond Highway and Reddick Avenue of Alexandria VA. Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services have been serving the areas by I-495 to the north, I-95 to the west, Potomac River top the west and the Occoquan River to the south, covering the Lee and Mount Vernon Districts of Fairfax County and the entire Fairfax County, including the county’s Planning Districts with Mount Vernon and Rose Hill Districts, Lower Potomac District and the eastern part of the Springfield District. Programs of Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services:
  • Apartments Budgeting Counseling
  • Assistance to people who have been denied housing due to bad credit or poor rental history as an alternative to homeless shelter by letting people rent while assisting in rental reference concerns and cleaning up their credit.
  • Emergency Services
  • Application for assistance for grant costing up to $250 to help in preventing evictions and utility disconnections including assistance with the first rent or security deposit.
  • Housing as Top Priority
  • To prevent homelessness, services are offered for affordable housing including guidance, support and financial assistance for families near to homelessness.
  • Housing Locator Program
  • Housing Search Assistance is offered for people near to homelessness as part of the federal Homeless Prevention and Rapid Housing Program. Partners of the program are FACETS, Housing and Community Services of Northern Virginia, New Hope Housing, Fairfax County Office to Prevent and End Homelessness, Reston Interfaith, Shelter House and more.
  • Budget Counseling
  • Financial education is provided and low income families and individuals of Good Shepherd Housing apartment programs, are given the opportunity to learn how to clean up their credit history and discover new money management skills leading to financial independence.
  • Children’s Resources
  • Regardless of families of Good Shepherd Housing apartment programs having low incomes, children are offered educational, social and recreational activities with school supplies, holiday gifts and paid for after school activities and summer camps.
Support given to the Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services will assist in reducing homelessness, increase community support and promote the potential for self sufficiency through the programs that serve the working poor, disabled and elderly. Ways to help Good Shepherd Housing and Family Service:
  • Online
  • Mail
  • Phone
  • Designate GSH
  • Memorials/Honorariums
  • Mortgage Club
  • Donation of Computer Packages
  • Donation of Cars and Trucks
  • Donation of Home Kits such as Cleaning Supplies and Household Items
For more information on the other ways of how to help, please visit: Volunteers are welcomed at Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services to provide the following services:
  • Budget Counselors
  • Child Care
  • Client Intake
  • Design
  • Event Planning
  • Front Desk Reception
  • Maintenance/ Repair
  • Mentoring
  • Spanish Speakers/ Translators
  • Writers
  • Technical Assistance
  • Other Possible Assistance Once Can Offer
Board Members:
  • Alderson, Richard (Dick) - Business development and strategic programming for EMC Federal
  • Amundson, Kristen - Communications Manager at Education Sector; former Delegate in Virginia General Assembly; former Chair of Fairfax County School Board
  • Bailey, Willie - Fairfax County Firefighter, Retired Army Reserves
  • Catlin, James - Executive Vice President – Prosper (an online lending marketplace)
  • Ellsworth, Cheryl - Attorney specializing in international trade, Customs and antitrust law
  • Gillespie, Cathy - Current stay at home mother, former Campaign and Congressional staff member for Joe Barton, former Executive Director of Texas Freedom Fund Political Action Committee
  • Goode, Ron - Commercial Developer, John Akridge Company
  • Hyland, Ann - Retired Speech Pathologist, Ombudsman for Northern Virginia Long-Term Care program
  • Lettice, Paula (Secretary) - Chief Financial Officer, Architect of the U.S. Capitol; Trustee, Trinity (DC) University
  • Martin, J. Chris (Treasurer) - Manager, Business Analysis at Exxon-Mobil; president of civic association
  • McCormick, Jr., Walter B. - President & CEO of the United States Telecom Association
  • Meade, Louise - Retired GSHFS Emergency Services Director/Volunteer Coordinator
  • Murray, Rosemary (Vice President) - Government Affairs Consultant, retired Vice President of US Airways
  • Owen, Tofie M., Jr. - Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, SAIC, Retired Air Force Colonel
  • Reiley, Rex - Real Estate sales
  • Rosenthal, Philip - President of credit collection agency, low-income representative from Fairfax County Community Action Advisory Board
  • Rotondaro, Kathleen - President and founding partner of national consulting firm for housing activities
  • Souza, George - Retired Air Force officer, defense intelligence consultant; President of the Board of a non-profit professional association
  • Stearman, Joseph - Business owner, Property Manager, Investor, low-income representative (census sub-tract)
  • Utermohlen, Alison - Retired Senior Director of Government Affairs for Mortgage Bankers Association
  • Wagner, Tim - Real estate appraiser
For more detailed information, visit or contact 703 768 9404.

The Inova Fair Oaks Hospital

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital is located at 3600 Joseph Siewick Drive at Fairfax, VA 22033. For more information, please contact 703 391 3600. Inova Fair Oaks Hospital is an acute care community hospital with 182 beds that is committed to catering safe care and excellent service with convenient amenities providing comfortable service to patients and their families such as free valet parking, room service, Wi-Fi and televisions showing the GetWellNetwork and movies. Inova Fair Oaks Hospital feature their services of spine, weight loss, joint replacement and minimally invasive surgery along with maternity services, diagnostic imaging, advanced radiology, laboratory services and 24 hour emergency care. Services offered at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital:
  • Breast Health
  • Cancer Services
  • Childbirth Services
  • Diabetes Education Services
  • Diagnostic Tests – Pediatric Radiology
  • Emergency Services
  • Endoscopy Services
  • Gynecology
  • Heart and Vascular Services
  • Heartburn Treatment
  • Interventional Radiology
  • Joint Replacement
  • MAKOplasty® Partial Knee Resurfacing
  • Neuroscience Services
  • Orthopedics
  • Pediatrics
  • Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Services
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Sleep Disorder Services
  • Spine Services
  • Surgical Services
  • Weight Loss Surgery
  • Women’s Services
  • Wound Healing
The Inova Fair Oaks Hospital has demonstrated excellence and maturity with its business endeavors, deployment and results that has made them into a model organization that has earned various recognitions. Inova Fair Oaks Hospital had earned the 2010 Premier Award for Quality that recognizes leading healthcare organizations that provide excellent patient care and consistently set the standard for clinical excellence and the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval™ for the Spine Surgery Program and the Joint Replacement Surgery Program. Inova Fair Oaks Hospital is also recognized by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery as a Center of Excellence for weight loss surgery, received accreditation as a nationally recognized breast care provider by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers, named as a Magnet™ organization ( one of the highest levels of recognition that a hospital can receive for excellent nursing care/services), while receiving the U.S Senate Productivity and Quality Award for performance excellence.