Ways to Make Homes with Stairs Safer

As large numbers of people age, an increasing percentage finds stairs a challenge.

Bucknell Manor stairway.

Housing safety experts say climbing stairs can be good exercise for older people, but the stairs should be safe. Among the things that need to be done to increase the safety factor are:

  • Add lighting at both the top and the bottom.
  • Put stair railings on both sides.
  • Make sure it is easy to see individual treads by adding visual contrast.
  • Consider an elevator or a lift.
  • Consider remodeling in order to live on one floor only.

Source: Washington Post, Maryann Haggerty (08/14/2010)

Living Near Golf Courses In Northern Virginia

In the past, we would think that living near golf courses or rather just playing golf would be for the retired, business men or the elderly. But in our world today, golf courses are enjoyed by not only the retirees, older couples or active adults, but by young couples, singles and families with children. As a matter of fact, this all depends on the personality of the person who can enjoy a nature filled playing environment with a relaxed scenario and a challenging game.

Those living in golf course communities can tell you the benefits they get from having a golf course as their front or back yard. They can hit the course whenever they want without having to travel or relax with a quiet game right after work. Such communities are now expanding adding swimming pools, spas, fitness centers, convenient stores or pro shops and clubhouses. These facilities can be enjoyed by the whole family together without having to go an extra mile. Aside from that, activities and programs are always available for kids of all ages, young adults and their parents. Neighbors can get to know each other better, tighten their circle of friendship and just simply enjoy the community of active, friendly and like minded people.

Such golf course communities are kept private, gated and secure assuring peace and order in the community unlike others. One would not require playing golf to just appreciate the quality of living in these communities.  Some golf communities have certain restrictions when it comes to public access to ensure that homeowners aren’t crowded out on the course.

Golf course communities aren’t limited to only the wealthy but there are many types of golf course homes that can fit into an affordable price range while taking advantage of the many facilities and activities of the community for the entire family.

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Click here to learn more about these popular and attractive golf course communities and the homes available in the area:

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Williamsburg Condos

Washington, DC, SkylineWilliamsburg Condominiums are located in Arlington, Virginia. These beauiful living spaces sit across from the Potomac River with spectacular views of Washington D. C. Come enjoy Arlington living at Williamsburg with the following amenities:

  • Community Room
  • Pool
  • Gym
  • Library
  • Recreation Room
  • Gazebo

Williamsburg is quaint and luxurious all at the same time.

photo credit: euthman