Secrets of Sustainable Staging

With more home buyers interested in eco-friendly features, property stagers are placing more emphasis on the overall performance of green dwellings.

To give their listings a competitive edge, they can perform an energy audit and indicate the changes and upgrades made as a result to boost energy efficiency.

They also should provide a checklist detailing the benefits of the home’s green features, ensure cleaning products in cabinets are eco-friendly and food in pantries is organic, and include an aesthetically pleasing recycling center that goes beyond the traditional blue bins.

Additionally, chemical odors should be eliminated from the home, living plants should be added a to help enhance indoor air quality, sustainable upgrades should be encouraged, and eco-friendly landscaping like vegetable gardens and native grasses should be chosen over lawns that require a lot of maintenance.

Source: RISMedia (06/16/10)

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  1. Everyone’s household should definitely be eco-friendly. especially it comes when it comes to food handling/storing. Kudos for this

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