Washer and Dryer in the Unit?

This week I was in a condo selling for over a million dollars.  It was a beautiful condominium home with excellent views, a state of the art kitchen and all the upgrades one might expect ... except the unit didn't have a washer and dryer. the Representative Because my office is in River Towers, and we also serve Belle View, I often confront the question of a washer and dryer in the unit. (Neither River Towers nor Belle View has laundry in the unit.) I've talked to the older residents of River Towers about this and surprisingly many of them resist the idea of putting laundry in the unit. They like their laundry-rooms right where they are---thank you very much. This might seem baffling to some of the younger generation, but laundry rooms have a number of distinct advantages:
  • community --- You get to know your neighbors in the laundry room. This creates a sense of community and you know who belongs in the secured areas and who is a stranger.
  • maintenance --- You don't have to worry about buying a new washer when the old one breaks down. More importantly you don't have to worry about your personal laundry flooding a neighbor's condo.
  • square footage --- Laundry takes up space. You have more space in your unit if you have a community laundry room
  • more washers --- Many folks like to wait and do an entire week of laundry at one time. If you have a laundry room you're not limited to one small washer. You have many washers available.
In a luxury community, most people don't do their own laundry anyway, so they don't care if the laundry is outside the unit. My tip to folks who are shopping for homes in Northern Virginia: don't box yourself in. If you won't consider a unit with a laundry room, you're walking past some of the best neighborhoods in Northern VA.

The courtyard of the Olympus at Landmark

The building's unique curved shaped offers intriguing vistas and not just from the oversized curved balconies that each unit enjoys. The Olympus is located in the West End of Alexandria between I-495 and I-395 near Landmark Mall. The Sentinel of Landmark is across the street, but there are many condominiums in this area, including
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Should I wait for prices to drop before purchasing?

National trends may be continuing to decline, but in Alexandria, Arlington, and nearby parts of Northern Virginia real estate is showing two signs of a comeback.  According to an MRIS Press Release: "Selling prices remain flat metro wide in the Greater Washington DC region, but the central jurisdictions---DC, Alexandria, and Arlington and Montgomery counties---continue to buck the trend." John McClain, Senior Fellow at George Mason University's School of Public Policy, was quoted by them as saying, "Prices continue to rise in the central jurisdictions. They're in a much better price position due to their premium location." The most dramatic is an increase in prices of home sales, but equally important is the shortening of time properties are on the market.  These two combine to reduce the available inventory available to buyers.  Waiting can be a shortcut to loss, so holding off in anticipation of falling prices can leave you kicking yourself for missing good deals.