Summertime fun at Potomac waterfront in Old Town Alexandria

Summertime in Alexandria is loads of fun. Tourists descend on our fair city, but we’re glad to have them as our guests.

At the Torpedo Factory and Potomac in Old Town

One of the places that you have to visit when you’re in town is also a favorite spot of residents: the Alexandria waterfront. The docks behind the Torpedo Factory Art Center are always bustling with activity. Every few paces you’ll find a street musician, street magician and other entertainer. There are numerous restaurants here: most of them quite nice.

Admiral Tilp offers river tours in Alexandria VA

If you’re looking for a little fun on the water, you might want to take a cruse on the Admiral Tilp. The Admiral Tilp is docked here at the end of King Street and Union Street. The Admiral Tilp departs on the hour, so if you miss her, she’ll be back. The Admiral Tilp offers a narrated tour under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, past National Harbor and down to Jones Point. The on-board guide provides a historical and contemporary context to what you will witness on board.

For more information or to set up an appointment call Nesbitt Realty at (703)765-0300.

A Pedestrian’s Perspective: From the Parkway to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge

Looking for a peaceful place to travel to get out of the house? All along the George Washington Parkway stretches a path  that goes  all the way to Washington DC. This distance is frequented by people going at their own pace – from the high speed bicyclist commuter to the power walking local. On the way there are places to picnic / barbeque, waters to fish, and open fields for recreation.

An often overlooked detour is available just before Old Town Alexandria. By taking a pedestrian path onto the Woodrow Wilson Bridge there is a path that hugs the road until arriving at the National Harbor.  It starts with a view of a graveyard. Then the panorama delivers a waterfront city skyline juxtapositioned with vehicles driving across the bridge.

Finally after passing the bridge there is a place to sit and enjoy the view, or continue to the National Harbor. Round trip its worth the effort.

Jones Point Park provides open space on the Potomac Waterfront in Alexandria VA

Jones Point Park transitions into Old Town

As a 52 plus acres of haven for wildlife, Jones Point Park is also the ideal place to take a stroll or have a picnic by the Potomac River, go bird watching and let your dog have fun. It is found near the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, southeast of Alexandria on the Potomac River.

80 Foot trees can be found at Jones Point Park where fall and spring birds nest during the migration season. A walk down the trail to the Potomac offers sights of water birds, bald eagles and waterfowl.

Jones Point Park offers:

  • Picnic sites with picnic tables
  • 2 Soccer fields
  • Trails for walking and biking
  • 2 Fishing piers structured over 2 ship ramps
  • Ship dock north of the bridge by the river
  • Garden plots for rent

    Jones Point Park at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge
Aubrey Nesbitt takes a break from riding his bicycle below the Woodrow Wilson Bridge

Jones Point Park is owned by the National Park Service and managed by the Alexandria Department of Recreation, Parks ad Cultural Activities that preserves the 9000 years of human history.

Important Facts about Jones Point Park:

  • Remains of the Jones Point Lighthouse from the 19th century and artifacts from the Native Americans and colonist from the early European settlers have been discovered here.
  • Jones Point Park was an important shipbuilding site where remains of the shipbuilding site had been unearthed for visitors.
  • Survey stones mark the original boundaries of District of Columbia as overseen by George Washington after 1790.

Jones Point Park is situated near Old Town Alexandria, Ford’s Landing, Bearings South and Porto Vecchio.

Jones Point is on the Potomac River.