Walmart and Costco shopping during 2016 blizzard

The blizzard was in effect and my parents took me to Costco and Walmart for groceries and other products. It is so very nice having everything I needed provided for me. I remember purchasing a vast array of essentials. Will and Julie Nesbitt, get me to the stores and make it so easy, to sit at home and wait for the weather to pass and the work week to pick up again, which it already has and now the roads are back to the way they were, and the side walks still have some snow melting and snow shoveling to be done. The groceries in the nick of time, was awesome strolling through the entire whole sale store and including a quick dash to Walmart, calm and collecting many much needed items for my inventory.

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When 2016 snow storm stopped for a day

The snow melted. The 2016 snow storm stopped for one day. The roads and sidewalks returned to the previous snow free status. I prepared for the store to get some essentials.