A Pedestrian’s Perspective: From the Parkway to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge

Looking for a peaceful place to travel to get out of the house? All along the George Washington Parkway stretches a path  that goes  all the way to Washington DC. This distance is frequented by people going at their own pace – from the high speed bicyclist commuter to the power walking local. On the way there are places to picnic / barbeque, waters to fish, and open fields for recreation.

An often overlooked detour is available just before Old Town Alexandria. By taking a pedestrian path onto the Woodrow Wilson Bridge there is a path that hugs the road until arriving at the National Harbor.  It starts with a view of a graveyard. Then the panorama delivers a waterfront city skyline juxtapositioned with vehicles driving across the bridge.

Finally after passing the bridge there is a place to sit and enjoy the view, or continue to the National Harbor. Round trip its worth the effort.

Nando’s Peri Peri at National Harbor

Nando’s Peri Peri is located at 191 American Way inside National Harbor. Nando’s sells Portuguese flame-grilled chicken at affordable prices. National Harbor is undergoing construction and several new shops and dining facilities are being created. Nando’s Peri Peri meals have optional sauces with different flavors.

A Few Facts about River Towers

River Towers is a high-rise condominium community, which is just outside of Washington DC.  It is also less than two miles from Old Town Alexandria in Virginia.  The location of this condo community is ideal, because of its proximity to the Potomac River and other attractions, such as National Harbor.

High-rise condominium




This condo community is made up of three buildings numbered as such: 6621, 6631 and 6641.  These three buildings were constructed in 1963, then converted to condos in 1981.  All together, these three comprise over five hundred units.

This community is also within walking distance to Safeway grocery store, the post office, a doughnut shop and an elementary school.

Three roads dead end at River Towers which makes for an easy drive back home and they are as follows:  East Wakefield Drive, Potomac Avenue and West Wakefield Drive.

Are you looking for a reasonably prices abode to lay your head?  Would you like to rent or maybe buy in the area?  See below for some possible landing spots for you and your family.


Real Estate and Neighborhoods of Alexandria, VA

Alexandria dates back to the colonial era and many of the neighborhoods of Alexandria reflect that heritage. However, Alexandria is also home to newer and relatively new neighborhoods like the Carlyle District and Kingstowne. To learn more about these or other neighborhoods in Alexandria VA, surf through the tabs here. Alexandria is a highly livable city with enviable amenities, culture and attractions. The Commonwealth of Virginia considers Alexandria an "independent city" which means that Alexandria is not in any county. However, parts of Northern Virginia have an Alexandria postal address, but are actually in Fairfax County. All this can be confusing for newcomers to the area, but we try to simplify this in our guide by organizing things so they make sense for the home buyer. You won't have to be a Virginia jurisdictional authority to find the home you want to buy, but start here for a primer on Alexandria.

Properties in River Towers

Why National Harbor?

Is National Harbor Worth My Time?

I have recently had the opportunity to go to National Harbor for the first time.  National Harbor is located in Maryland, city of Fort Washington.  I was very happy to finally see and experience a bit of National Harbor and here’s why:

The first reason I am glad to get over to National Harbor is that it is quite a different view from over there on the Maryland side of the Potomac River.  The view at night is beautiful, while driving by on the Virginia side of the water, but during the day, it was just as beautiful to see all of the yachts, restaurants on the waterfront and people just walking around enjoying a beautifully sunny day.

Another reason why I liked going over to the Maryland side was the existence of the Capital Wheel.  I will very soon experience this, but just seeing it from very close up was a sight to behold.  The Capital Wheel is a Ferris Wheel that takes you 180 feet above the Potomac River waterfront, providing amazing views (I can’t wait for these).  Some attractions which you will be able to see are the White House, the National Mall, Arlington Cemetery and the parklands throughout the Maryland, DC and Virginia area.

A third reason to get over to National Harbor is the restaurants.  We enjoyed a delicious meal at Redstone American Grill on our visit and I loved my salad, with all of its many pleasant flavors complimenting each other and got totally stuffed on the amazing corn bread – yum!  I will definitely go back to Redstone American Grill, probably after my ride on the Capital Wheel.  The question is, will you?

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  • Map Search — Our map-based search is one of the best in the business.
  • Mortgage Calculator — Once you’ve identified a property plug the price into the calculator to see how much the purchase will cost on a monthly basis.

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King Street Trolley — a great way to get to know Old Town Alexandria

King Street Trolley

Around Old Town Alexandria, parking can sometimes be a hassle, (unless you want to pay to park in a garage), but a great way to explore Alexandria is to take the Metro to King St. and then hop a ride on the King St. Trolley. There is no charge to ride the trolley, and it makes stops about every two blocks between the King St. Metro and the Potomac.

The Trolley was designed to complement service by the National Harbor’s new Water Taxi. The National Harbor is located across the Potomac in Maryland and is the site of a brand new convention center. The convention center and many restaurants are already open in this brand new area landmark. Additionally boat service is available up and down river from the Strand in Old Town. The length of this circuit can be walked in about 20 minutes, so many choose to take the trolley to the Potomac and then walk back to the Metro through Old Town.

Trolley at King Street

The Trolley makes it final stop before returning to the Metro near the Torpedo Factory. Just as the name implies, the Torpedo Factory was torpedo factory in the early part of the last century. Today the Torpedo Factory Art Center is a world-renowned art center with three floors of open studios and galleries. Here, one can observe artists and purchase original artwork. The Torpedo Factory Art Center is on the Potomac waterfront. Street musicians and entertainers play nearly every night weather permitting, and tourists and locals alike enjoy walks down by the waterfront.

A train arrival at busy, convenient King Street Metro

The trolley runs its route from 10 am to 10 pm every day. A printable map is available for those who know nothing about the area.

For more information or to set up an appointment call Stuart at (703)765-0300.

Das Best Oktoberfest 2012

Das Best Oktoberfest 2012 took place at National Harbor in Maryland. The Oktoberfest featured all you can drink tickets as well as designated driver tickets. The event had several tents with a variety of business vendors. Das Best Oktoberfest featured live music at three different stages.

The event lasted two days. The event attracted a large crowd on both days. National Harbor is a popular venue throughout the year. National Harbor is close to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.