Is Arlington Oaks a good choice for a newcomer to the city?

Arlington Oaks has a location in Arlington VA which is less than a mile to Ballston Metro.

Arlington Oaks in Arlington

A plus is that it offers community amenities such as pool and tennis court. Arlington Oaks is nestled close to Route 50.

Condos in Arlington Oaks were built in 1940 and they cost between $218,000 to $390,000 each. This condo community is served by the following schools: Barrett Elementary School, Swanson Middle School and Washington-Lee High School.

Arlington Oaks in Arlington VA is conveniently located close to commuting routes, shopping, and metro bus.

Arlington Oaks are a traditional style condo setting with a substantial exterior. This location is pertinent for those seeking residence near the capitol. This spot can be a good choice for newcomers to the city.

Arlington Oaks sports easy access to the Ballston Common Shopping Center, Regal Cinemas Ballston Common Stadium 12, Kettler Capitals Iceplex, and Welburn Square.

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Arlington Oaks is in Arlington VA

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Why do residents of Ballston love the Hawthorn?

The Hawthorn combines urban sophistication and modern elegance with convenient on-site amenities. The Hawthorn is located at 820 N Pollard Street, Ste 102 Arlington, VA 22203.

Nesbitt Realty can help you buy and sell real estate in 22203.
The Hawthorn provides a full palate of amenities, services and security. Highlights include:

  • A fully-equipped fitness center
  • An on-site business center
  • Garage parking
  • Individual storage spaces
  • Landscaped courtyard
  • Outdoor seating
  • Ground-floor retail
  • Metro accessible

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Porto Vecchio is commuter friendly

A bus on a cold day

Porto Vecchio is commuter friendly. There is a metro bus stop just steps from the entrance. Commuting in Old Town is also convenient to the King St. Metro, which is on the blue and yellow line. Additionally, studies have shown that homes near public transportation retain their value better then those not near public transportation.

High-rise condominium

Map of real estate for sale at Port Royal

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How Can I Get Around Northern Virginia Without a Car?

1. Metro is great for getting to various metro stations in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland. Many people use the metro to commute into DC daily.

2. Bus routes offer transportation to highly trafficked areas that might not be covered by the metro. Buses come more frequently in the morning and are usually on an hourly schedule in the evenings.

3. Train useful for longer distance travel to different parts of Virginia as well as different parts of the United States.

4. Plane Ronald Reagan National Airport is a transportation hub for many people in Northern Virginia flying out to different parts of the world.

5. Scooter fuel efficient, easy to find parking for, minimal paperwork involved, and fun to ride.

6. Bicycle green, healthy, and in some ways cheaper then the other modes of transportation listed above. Many neighborhoods in Arlington and Alexandria are bicycle friendly.

7. Walking green, healthy, and free.

8. Boat good for fishing, relaxing on the Potomac River after leaving a marina, or just taking the Potomac Riverboat to a Nationals game.

9. Taxi can be expensive, but great for going out to explore nightlife.

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10 Cities With the Worst Traffic Congestion

The average American spent a total of 28 hours sitting in traffic last year, according to INRIX, a traffic information group. But residents in some of the nation’s most congested cities spent nearly double that—an average of 42 hours a year—sitting in traffic.

In its 2012 Traffic Scorecard, INRIX compared the average of the drivers’ actual speed on the road during peak hours with the average speed of drivers when there was no congestion.

Here are the 10 cities with the worst traffic, according to the study:

1. Los Angeles

Congestion score: 28.8

Average commute time: 28.6 minutes (15th highest)

2. Honolulu

Congestion score: 26

Average commute time: 27 minutes (the 27th highest)

3. San Francisco

Congestion score: 23.5

Average commute time: 29.2 minutes (tied for 10th highest)

4. Austin

Congestion score: 20.7

Average commute time: 25.8 minutes (45th highest)

5. New York

Congestion score: 19.9

Average commute time: 34.9 minutes (the highest)

6. Bridgeport, Conn.

Congestion score: 19.1

Average commute time: 28.3 minutes (18th highest)

7. San Jose, Calif.

Congestion score: 17.6

Average commute time: 24.8 minutes (65th highest)

8. Seattle

Congestion score: 17.6

Average commute time: 27.6 minutes (22nd highest)

9. Washington, D.C.

Congestion score: 16.4

Average commute time: 34.5 minutes (2nd highest)

10. Boston

Congestion score: 14.7

Average commute time: 29.2 minutes (tied for 10th highest)

Source: “10 Cities With the Worst Traffic,” USA Today (May 4, 2013)

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Traveler Friendly Homes

Ronald Reagan Airport is located at 1 Aviation Circle, Arlington, Virginia. The airport is close to Old Town Alexandria, inside of Arlington and near Washington DC. Ronald Reagan Airport is a primary transportation hub for Northern Virginia and DC. The next closest airport is BWI which is in Maryland.

Ronald Reagan Airport has a metro stop accessible by the blue and yellow line. Near the airport there are several trails. Further from Old Town and closer to DC there is a marina with boats. The marina waters are great for fishing.

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Where is the Eisenhower Valley of Alexandria VA?

Eisenhower's Statue on Eisenhower Avenue

Eisenhower Valley stretches from South Van Dorn St. to Holland Lane along Cameron Run. The area features: Great Waves Waterpark, AWLA Animal Shelter, Eisenhower Metro station, and the Cinema. Contact an agent to find out some of the benefits of living in Eisenhower Valley.


Board of Supervisors Recommends Names for Dulles Metrorail Stations

Last month, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors recommended names for the eight Metrorail stations that are part of the Dulles Metrorail Project. The names, which must be approved by the Washington Metro Transit Authority board of directors, are as follows:

  • Tysons-McLean
  • Tysons I & II
  • Tysons Central
  • Tysons-Spring Hill Rd
  • Reston-Wiehle Ave
  • Reston Town Center
  • Herndon-Reston West
  • Herndon-Dulles East

Each proposed station name connotes a community: Tysons, Reston, Herndon, or McLean. Some include street names while others include the name of shopping malls and a town center.

The 23-mile transit line will run from Tysons to Dulles International Airport to the rest of the region, and the project comprises a total of 11 Metrorail stations, eight of which are located in Fairfax County.

The stations from Tysons-McLean to Reston-Wiehle Ave are scheduled to be operational in mid-2013.

Commuter’s Dream

Platform of the Vienna Metro Station

There can be a lot of things said about living in the Northern Virginia area, but one big thing would be the great access to jobs in the tri-city area.  Deciding on which area to live can be based on the ability to get to and from your workplace.  There is no denying that in an area like this that traffic can be a pain but it is great to know that there are options available if a car is not the most economical route for transportation.

Fairfax County, in particular, has developed a number of ways to meet the rising demand for public transportation and its great to know many city’s have bus systems already in place.  There are plenty of park and ride lots in the area that allow for commuters to drive to a particular location, park their car, and finish the rest of route to work on the metro.  This helps the commuter avoid long waits in traffic and lower the cost of paying for gas in your car.

The metro is slated to extend out to Loudoun County and has already reached areas in Fairfax and Reston.  There are several housing options next to these locations and they all have condos, townhomes, or single family’s available for purchase.  If you are a commuter looking for a great place to live that help your commuting costs, then you should check out Fairfax County.  It’s a commuter’s dream.