The Old Town Alexandria That Draws You In

People come from all over the country to be close to Washington DC for either work related reasons or the chance to soak up some of the life it offers.  The fast paced city life of DC produces an intense feeling that this place is alive and that is for sure the case as well with the neighboring city.  Just over the river exists something of a different caliber to compete with the ambiance and culture that draws so many to this part of the country.

Old Town Alexandria, VA

The city I speak of is Old Town Alexandria.  The draw visually for this culture-packed emotion-inducing place is the refreshing architecture that hearkens back to an age long since passed.  One drive down the streets of Old Town and you will undoubtedly need to find a spot to park the car and walk around.

On any given evening this place is packed with visitors wanting to soak up some of the history and culture that Old Town has to offer.  People will continue doing so far into the future because of the many offerings it has available.  If it’s dining you’re in the mood for, no problem.  A walk along the water, no problem.  Looking for a lesson in history of ghosts in the area, this is available as well.  Here are some of the options that Old Town has to offer on a nightly basis for you to enjoy:

Properties in Old Town Alexandria