What is Lower Alexandria?

Northern Virginia has several independent cities and the City of Alexandria is one such independent city. The City of Alexandria borders Fairfax County, but the City of Alexandria is not in Fairfax County. Fairfax County is not in the City of Alexandria.  However, there are large parts of Fairfax County that have an Alexandria postal address. The Alexandria area which is outside of the City of Alexandria can be roughly categorized into the following areas:

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  • Lower Alexandria — so-called because the area south of Old Town Alexandria is downriver from Alexandria. (Lower Alexandria is sometimes called “South Alexandria”.) Lower Alexandria includes the Fairfax County Districts of Mount Vernon and Lee.
  • Franconia — Franconia is mostly in Lee District. Some residents of Franconia have a Franconia address but many homes in Franconia have an Alexandria address. Rose Hill is one of many communities in and around Franconia
  • Alexandria West — Not to be confused with West End Alexandria (which is in the City of Alexandria), Alexandria West includes many inside the Beltway but outside the City of Alexandria residences such as the homes of Bryn Mar.

Here’s an interest local tidbit for newcomers. Fairfax County surrounds the City of Fairfax. Locals generally refer to the county as “Fairfax County” and the city as “Fairfax”, but Alexandria uses the opposite nomenclature. “Alexandria” generally refers to whole of the  Alexandria area, while “City of Alexandria” refers to the jurisdiction of the City of Alexandria.

Zipcodes of Fairfax County South

Many of these addresses are Lower Alexandria

  • 22306 — Hybla Valley, Groveton, Huntley Meadows
  • 22307 — New Alexandria, Belle Haven, Hollin Hills, Westgrove
  • 22308 — Stratford Landing, Fort Hunt, Collingwood, Wellington
  • 22309 — Mount Vernon, Woodlawn, Engleside
  • 22315 — Franconia, Hayfield, Lee District

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