Top 100 Communities for Young People by America’s Promise: Alexandria City Public Schools

Alexandria City Public Schools is located in Alexandria, Virginia. It is one of the most diverse school divisions in the country with students from 80 different countries, and over 60 different languages. The county is very focused on education; the city council and the community are active components of the school system. The City of Alexandria was recently named one of the Top 100 Communities for Young People by America’s Promise. Since 2004, a recent city survey found that a number of people moved to Alexandria for their excellent school system.

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Mountain View Alternative High School

Mountain View Alternative High school is one of the great unique opportunities in northern Virginia, or more specifically, Fairfax County. Located in Centreville at 5775 Spindle Court Centreville, VA 20121, this school is tucked away from the rest of the extremely busy school. When in high school you can apply to go here, and I would say that it is well worth the effort.

Mountain View is a completely unique learning experience. Where most high schools in the area have around three thousand students, Mountain View has a maximum of three hundred at a time. At base school any student needs at least for years to graduate, but at Mountain you can graduate in only two. Mountain View upholds the ideals of family, love, and respect.

Mountain View obtains these goals of graduating early by making the classes smaller and more personal. Each student has plenty of one on one time with the teacher and can set their own pace. They have no age limit and offer evening classes as well for anyone who needs a leg up, or a late diploma. Mountain View is also surrounded by many good restaurants within walking distance. This is very good because there is an open campus lunch policy, at which time the students are free to go wherever they would like for a forty-five minute lunch break. In this way, and many other ways, Mountain View gives back to it’s surrounding community.

Introduction to Bishop Ireton High School

Bishop Ireton is a college preparatory, coeducational high school serving students from across the Washington Metropolitan area in grades 9 through 12. Founded in 1964, Bishop Ireton is owned by the Diocese of Arlington, and is rooted in the tradition of Salesian spirituality taught to us by the Religious Congregation of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, our founding religious order. As we follow our Live Jesus! Charter, we continue an affiliation with the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales and will interact with other Salesian groups as well, as we collaborate on projects that express our mutual devotion to the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal.

Bishop Ireton is fortunate to have dedicated lay faculty and staff, as well as a full time chaplain from the Diocese of Arlington and teachers and administrators from the Sisters of the Holy Cross and Franciscan Religious Communities. Faculty teach their students according to the unique spirit of St. Francis de Sales, teacher, missionary, bishop, and gentle saint.

Bishop Ireton is located at 201 Cambridge Road Alexandria, VA 22314. The phone numbers are 703.751.7606 Fax: 703.212.8173

Source: Bishop Ireton High School

What Schools Have the Highest Ratings in Northern VA?

Based on several local surveys and performance reviews, here are the schools in Northern Virginia that have been recognized as the cream of the crop when it comes to quality education:

According to a Washington Post article, the following are the Top 5 elementary schools in Northern Virginia:

  1. McKinley Elementary
  2. School Vision: “The McKinley community envisions a strong and nurturing learning environment in which students demonstrate respect for self and others. Students meet established performance standards focusing on learning core subjects. The students have a variety of experiences that broaden their views of the world.”

    McKinley Elementary is located in North McKinley Road, Arlington, Virginia. It ranks on the top spot of top rating schools in Northern Virginia, because 79% of the school’s students rated as “advanced” (the highest among three levels). The rating was determined through a series of state tests.

  3. Key Center School
  4. School Vision: “Key Center School creates an educational climate where diversity and individuality are celebrated and respected, and where all staff continually strive to maximize the potential of each student through increasingly higher expectations.”

    Springfield City of Fairfax County is home to Key Center School, which ranks second on the list with 77% of its students in the “advanced” level (jumping from 64% in a span of five years).

  5. Churchill Road Elementary
  6. McLean, Virginia – along Churchill Road – is the location of Churchill Road Elementary, the elementary school snagging the third spot on the list with a rating of a 77% (from 55% in 2003).

  7. Greenbriar West Elementary
  8. Greenbriar West Elementary is located at Poplar Tree Road in the Chantilly Area of Fairfax County Virginia. It ranks 4th even as it shows a significant leap in its ratings from 47% in 2003 to 77% five years later.

  9. Louise Archer Elementary
  10. Located in Nutley Street, Vienna, Virginia, Louise Archer Elementary completes the top 5 list belting a 76% rating from 2003’s 64%.

According to a performance review done by Northern Virginia Magazine, the following are the Top 5 high schools in Northern Virginia:

  1. Thomas Jefferson High School – located in Alexandria, Virginia
  2. Langley High School – located in Mclean, Virginia. Click here for more information on this school.
  3. McLean High School – located in Mclean, Virginia. Click here for more information on this school.
  4. George Mason High School – located in Falls Church, Virginia. Click here for more information on this school.
  5. W.T. Woodson High School – located in Fairfax, Virginia. Click here for more information on this school.