6 Tips for Riding a Bike in Northern VA

  1. Alexandria Avenue bridges the Mount Vernon Trail

    Courtesy: Stay out of the way of others, including pedestrians and motor vehicles. When coming to a passage way with a vehicle stopped or about to stop and you are approaching, if you not going to stop, go to the left of the vehicle and pass behind it so that you do not interfere with their momentum, otherwise stop and wait for them to pass.

  2. Round-trip: Consider where you begin, in regards to where your terminal point is. For example, a trip from Old Town by bike can lead to various routes, such as Eisenhower Valley, Del Ray, Crystal City, Fairfax County’ Alexandria, Mount Vernon, etc.
  3. Resources: Think of what you will bring with you on the way and what you might pick up while on the go. For example, a bike rack can be a luxury; storing photography accessories, snacks, water, maps, handheld electronics, etc. It can be economical to ride to a local business and back to acquire much needed resources such as home goods, hobby essentials, repair equipment, missing errand inventory.
  4. Soak it up: While out it is amazing to witness the weather upon the land, the change and consistency in history of a region, to feel the wind, to see people in action, to fly down a hill, and so on.
  5. Wing it: Weather nice? Mount the bike and head in a direction you’ve been before, or possibly travel to a region you have thought about before. Have some money on you and go to a business you like, pick up some fresh groceries, visit a friends dwelling, make it to a monument, etc.
  6. Plan: Come up with an idea for a round-trip bicycle adventure. A plan to go visit the nightlife spot you enjoy, during the day, can be refreshing. Ride to the end of the 5 mile point on the map, and back.

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Arlington County is organized into unincorporated "urban villages". Our website highlights several of these villages and other areas in Arlington County.


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I like walkable communities because fitness can be conducted while doing an errand. Additionally, walking can make a small cut back on gas expenses for short trips. Walking is nice for enjoying the seasonal weather, such as a chilly winter day. Walkable communities are nice for some animals, such as dogs.

Walkable community factors can include proximity to shopping, dining, parks, trails, and other amenities. An example of a walkable condominium community in Arlington would be Turnberry Tower, which is a luxury highrise in Rosslyn. Turnberry Tower is walkable to a gym, a church, a metro, etc. Walking can be pleasant to enjoy going from one place to the next before returning from whence one came.

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How Can I Get Around Northern Virginia Without a Car?

1. Metro is great for getting to various metro stations in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland. Many people use the metro to commute into DC daily.

2. Bus routes offer transportation to highly trafficked areas that might not be covered by the metro. Buses come more frequently in the morning and are usually on an hourly schedule in the evenings.

3. Train useful for longer distance travel to different parts of Virginia as well as different parts of the United States.

4. Plane Ronald Reagan National Airport is a transportation hub for many people in Northern Virginia flying out to different parts of the world.

5. Scooter fuel efficient, easy to find parking for, minimal paperwork involved, and fun to ride.

6. Bicycle green, healthy, and in some ways cheaper then the other modes of transportation listed above. Many neighborhoods in Arlington and Alexandria are bicycle friendly.

7. Walking green, healthy, and free.

8. Boat good for fishing, relaxing on the Potomac River after leaving a marina, or just taking the Potomac Riverboat to a Nationals game.

9. Taxi can be expensive, but great for going out to explore nightlife.

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