The Old Town Alexandria That Draws You In

People come from all over the country to be close to Washington DC for either work related reasons or the chance to soak up some of the life it offers.  The fast paced city life of DC produces an intense feeling that this place is alive and that is for sure the case as well with the neighboring city.  Just over the river exists something of a different caliber to compete with the ambiance and culture that draws so many to this part of the country.

Old Town Alexandria, VA

The city I speak of is Old Town Alexandria.  The draw visually for this culture-packed emotion-inducing place is the refreshing architecture that hearkens back to an age long since passed.  One drive down the streets of Old Town and you will undoubtedly need to find a spot to park the car and walk around.

On any given evening this place is packed with visitors wanting to soak up some of the history and culture that Old Town has to offer.  People will continue doing so far into the future because of the many offerings it has available.  If it’s dining you’re in the mood for, no problem.  A walk along the water, no problem.  Looking for a lesson in history of ghosts in the area, this is available as well.  Here are some of the options that Old Town has to offer on a nightly basis for you to enjoy:

Properties in Old Town Alexandria

Something to Entertain you before Halloween

Are you fond of the afterlife?

Ghost tour guide

Have you always been curious about the time after this life and what really happens?  Do you crave interesting anecdotes and stories about ghosts?  If any of these was answered with a positive, I have an activity that I think may be interesting for you.  In Old Town Alexandria, Virginia you can, on a nightly basis, schedule a fun evening outing on Alexandria’s Original Ghost and Graveyard Tour.

I had the opportunity to experience the tour about a month ago.  It was especially interesting for me, because I was so very new to the area and anything I could learn would help me.  I didn’t know Old Town at all and to see it close up and in the dark was fun.  One aspect that simply is impossible to enjoy about old towns like this one during the day, is simply the lighting, or lack there of.  The streets and sidewalks have a different feel to them with the sun long since over the horizon.  With the authentic gas lamps adorning the streets, flames dancing continuously, lighting the walkways, our tour was a visual cornucopia of days gone by.

When I decided to go on the tour, I had no idea what to expect.  I only knew that the idea of ghosts and the afterlife makes me smile and immediately gets me interested.  We, my cousin’s son Aubrey and I, arrived on the street at the starting point of the tour just as two tour groups were gathering.  The streets were pretty packed anyway, but the addition of the tours told me that this place was ‘alive’ and I liked it.

We all split up into groups of about twenty and headed off, following our guide, who was decked out in authentic colonial garments.  What I learned right away is that this was going to be a casual stroll around the streets  taking in stories about the area and its past.  We listened as we carefully walked the sidewalks of cobblestone to the tour guide and he regaled us with stories of past commoners, the elite and lovers’ misfortunes in their last moments alive.   He also gave interesting facts about the area and some of the buildings that were currently unoccupied, giving some detail as to why this may be the case.

Old Town Alexandria, VA

We didn’t go in any of the buildings or businesses that he spoke of on the tour, but did end in a graveyard with yet another surprising story that the tour guide experienced.  This story drove home to us, not only how much he believed in what he was doing, but also that the tour itself was worth the time.  Want to hear his story?  Call and set up your own ghost tour.  You won’t be disappointed:

703-519-1749, or email [email protected]

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