5 Signs a Home Has Potential

The best deals on homes are often on properties that aren’t perfect, but how do you spot a home with potential?  These are the 5 factors we’ve found:
Home shoppers looking for a great deal should keep these factors in mind when they are looking for a place with potential:

  1. Location, location, location. You can fix a home’s condition, but you can never change it’s location..
  2. Less than 50 years old. Properties older than a half century are likely to have more fundamental problems — like aging wiring, inadequate plumbing and sagging foundations. But when examining a home take care to note the difference between a home’s actual age and it’s age since it was refurbished or renewed.  You may  find that a home in Old Town Alexandria which was built in the 19th Century is “newer” than a home built in 1990 in Kingstowne.
  3. Livable floor plan. Paint and carpet are relatively cheap, but moving walls can quickly get expensive.
  4. Light. Houses with the most potential have plenty of natural light.
  5. Good storage. Adding storage isn’t cheap, so it’s smart to choose a property that already has it.
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Mistake 7: Neglecting to inspect.

Although you shouldn’t let cosmetic, surface imperfections steer you away from a home, you shouldn’t ignore large problems that could cost you big time down the road. Always be sure to inspect the home and understand what shape the house is in before closing on a sale.

Bob Murphy is a home inspector

Once you’ve fallen in love with a house, It can be easy to write off large problems as petty. However, try to keep your emotions and feelings in check during inspection. If you let your emotions get the best of you during inspection, you may regret it when a major problem occurs down the road and you may end up paying more while getting less.

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